Words of encouragment

Some of you may know Loopy gone and got herself a new Job, Wednesday was her last day at her old job she has been there ten years and was a bit apprahensive regarding the fact of doing the right thing even with a 4k pay increase, anyway monday she starts the new job and i know she is ******** her pants!! I know alot of you change jobs and take oppurtunitys that come your way thats what lifes about I did a similar thing not just over a year ago and glad i did, maybe a few words of Good luck wishes will wish her well on her way for Monday

Thanks LB!!:smiley:

Good luck in the new job - changing myself in the next couple of weeks , takes a lot of self belief to go into something new after such a long time so good on ya and good luck :wink:

You go get em tiger!

It will be rocky for a little while as you will need to get yourself established - but don’t be afraid. You’re a cool chick and I have every faith in you that you’ll do just fine.

Well done and good luck!

You’ll be fine Loopy, if you’ve done the job for 10 years you must (a) know it inside out and (b) be pretty damn good at it to have lasted that long so all that’s changing is the faces and the seat :smiley:

Somebody once said to me when giving a speech years ago, imagine them naked, imagine their bulges and bits and pieces . . . sounds a bit of a cliche now but it did work, only problem you’ll have is to stop doing it, well, depends what they’re like :stuck_out_tongue:

All the best, I’m sure everything will be great :cool:

I do hope this new job wont curtail your LB usage :stuck_out_tongue:

I know how bored you have been at your last job some days and thats not healthy :wink:

Good luck :smiley:

Change after 10 years, that more often than chunks changes his undies !!

good luck though 1st week always hardest but u be fine

Good luck Gilly, you`ll be fine.

Good luck hun.

I’ve just gone back into accounting after spending a few years in property. I’ve also gone back to uni to qualify at the same time. Lots of change and lots to get my head around but more money and feeleing better about what i’m doing make it all worthwhile.

What’s the new job?


Awwww thankyou babes… haha… yes i am ******** my pants!(thankyou Si) :w00t: but i am more concerned i wont be able to get online for abit :DThanks for the messages guy’s, much appreciated! … its been a hard decision, i have worked for my previous employer for 10yrs, a family run business, and thats just what they have felt like…family… one of the reasons why it was so hard to leave :crying: … but the lure of an huge increase in pay & working for the UK’s largest Prestige Retailer, i could not turn the opportunity down :DOnly they dont know what they have let themselves in for yet :cool:Roll on monday! :smooooth:

good luck in your new job…and dont worry be happy:D

AAh, Flats…bless you…its a rare thing nowdays to have someones other half think THAT much of them that they would do what you have done here for the love of your life and sod what anyone else thinks of them for doing it!! Hats off to you darling!! Loopy, for you to have gone for this new job,means you were ready for it and im sure you are going to do just fine…good for you, my son is just in process of doing same thing and heres hoping he gets the job hes gone for…had his interviews today and they are well impressed with his qualifications, im really hoping he gets it as its a better thing for him, just like this is a better thing for you !! See, with earning more money, you are that much nearer your marriage !!! :w00t: and then BABIES !!! :w00t::w00t::w00t:Love to ya both…xxx

Good Luck Gilly:)

I’m sure you will be fine as long as you remember how many sugars they all take;):smiley:

Stress not, and just remember not every BM owner is a knob jockey, just most of them;):smiley:

good luck to ya!

i admire ya for doing it, i was thinking of leaving my current company(family owned too-my family!:w00t: ), i too have worked at the same place for 11 years now, leaving takes a lot of bottle, so big up ya self:D i couldnt find the confidence to leave.

good luck, i’m sure you will be fine;)

got me thinking now:D:w00t:

They say that changing job is one of the most stressfull things you can do. Good Luck and be careful.

The ‘new girl’ tag won’t last for long.

Good luck in your new job, although calling Primark a prestigious retailer may be pushing a point (tee hee). :smiley:

Well she started today seems to be ok:ermm: and already got a lunch date with MD tomorrow!!! hmmm

That`s one way to get a promotion, going out with the MD.:wink:

Nice touch Flatout, Loopy, wishing you all the best in your new job and hold your head up high.