Woot! new jacket!

my poor old jacket has served me well in 1000’s of miles but it’s a bit haggared after being down the road a few times. Time for a new one and bike stop in Stevenage had this reduced from £350 to £230! matches my vfr and it’s vented too. happy groovy :slight_smile:

LOL love the picture. Quite funny and covers all viewing angles. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahhhh triplets.:smiley:

Very clever picture.

Nice jacket.:slight_smile:

three groovys? lol.:stuck_out_tongue:

three times the loving!

Ha,ha luv the photo, know u had two other bikes, but not the clones! Nice jacket too, matches my bike :slight_smile:

love the picture dude…
is that at your nan’s house?:Wow:


:smiley: haha

Now you can have the threesome you were always dreaming about!

what beautiful sofas you have, they really set off the shiny wallpaper and nested tables.

none of the furniture was of my choosing, tis the parents living room

looks very erm red, but nice! well done mr:)

not sure the world is ready for three of you…:smiley:

nice jacket.