Woop! And also, Woop!

I passed my DAS on Monday, 5 minors on Mod 1 and 4 on Mod 2 (two of them before I even got on the bike!). Me happy :smiley:

Is that the sound of the police?

Well done! :smiley:

What were the ‘pre-ride’ minors?

nice one

I had a brainfart and couldn’t find the horn. I also couldn’t list the things you change when taking a pillion. Ooops!


Congrats, yeah we all know how that goes, I fortunately didn’t have any screwups on tests but after mod1 I tried to start the bike about ten times before I realized the stand is down… :smiley:

Well done, it sounds like you were very nervous :slight_smile:


Thanks guys. Yeah, I was shitting it rather!

Welcome and well done on the pass :smiley:

well done

if not obvious everyone on LB is high class and therefore prefer the word defecating instead of “shitting”

welcome old bean!

But ignore Woozy cos he talks alot of ****!

congrats… so wot big bike you getting now?

I’d recommend a Hornet. I happen to have a lovely one for sale. :wink:

well done.

it was meant as a joke:blink:

So was I SirWoozy