Woman sets fire to her car by spinning the tyres

Strange countryside story.


That story doesn’t add up… :ermm: bit wierd…

Well - it did happen in the countryside - have you ever seen the film ‘Deliverance’ ? :wink:

almost quite funny to be honest, shame the old girl died though

That’s very true JB. She obviously had problems - the story is so unusual that i couldn’t resist bringing it to you guys attention.

I think the nicest comment on the have your say section was from the Chinese guy - quote:

o poor woman ! have a good way in heaven !

Lyon, JiangSu, China.

No… is it like that program with the local shop for local people?

nothing to do with the above post but i am want to set fire to my **** heap of a car later ! :frowning:

What,and it was such a bargain!! Never trust car dealers eh!!!:smiley:

More like a local mountainous wooded area, alive with deadly rivers, and inhabited by local psycho hill-billies who like to satisfy certain urges before they kill you - scared the cr*p out of me when I saw it as a kid - it’s also a genuinely brilliant film by a great British director - John boorman.

The link below is for the trail - check out some of the other youtube clips to get an idea of how strange and terrifying the film really is. (they don’t make em as good as that anymore).


Looks like trying to get from Kingston to Twickenham on a Saturday! :laugh: