Woman causes pile up

So many things wrong with this.Why was her ex-husband in the car with his ex-wife when she was going to meet her boyfriend and shave in the car too?

better question? why is this in the charity section??

will we have a bikini shaving charity event at BM :w00t:

how the hell did i manage that.

next years event, bikini lines while riding motorbikes?

Can somebody move it into the General section pleeeeease??


It was not her ex at all and she was not going to her boyfriend’s, that is just what they told the police.

He was really her pimp driving her to a job.

ermm have you seen the state of her http://keywestmugshots.com/115367

im going to have nightmares now :frowning:

another ruined lunch



You nominating yourself to get a bikini wax? :sick:

you wanna do the waxing?? :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe next time…you freak! :smiley: