Wobbly tailpack!

Hi All

I am going touring tomorrow, (this is a bit short notice I know) and have a large tailpack to go on the back of my ZX12R, it has one underseat strap and bungees in each corner. It attaches fine but seems a little wobbly. Am I worrying about nothing? I plan to bungee it down further using the D rings half way up it but if anyone has any tips it would be appreciated. I have a couple soft panniers that I could swap all my stuff in to if necessary.


Depending on how big the pack is get a cargo net and stretch it over for extra security.

+1 Cargo net

I had a Kriega US20 perched on top of a US30 strapped to the pillion seat and with an extra bungee on the top when I went touring. It was really wobbly but didn’t come off. A cargo net is much better than bungees for securing it properly. Pull over after the first hour and see how it’s moved around then adjust the straps accordingly.

Use a strap with a cam buckle to secure it down.

OK thanks, I’m sure it’ll be fine, I’m just worried about tipping into bends and it wobbling from side to side! I’ll get a net today before I go.