Wireless question

I have a USB webcam, but I dont want to connect it via wires to my laptop. What I want to do is have a wireless connection ie like a wireless keyboard or mouse sort of thing, it is for security. Does anyone know if this is possible at all?

I guess part of the problem is that it would need a power supply of some sort but just wondered if anyone had come across such a piece of equipment?


you’re looking for “IP cameras” mate do a google for them :slight_smile:
expensive though

you can get wifi ones, last time i checked they were knocking about for £90


you can prob get em cheaper with some digging

Take a look in Maplins or somewhere similar. I was in there last week and saw them, and I’m pretty sure they were a lot less than £90. Probably not high spec ones but might be what you’re after

Cheers, I’ll check them out.

Whatever you do make sure it’s got a strong password on it at the very least, don’t want to give your neighbours free TV coverage of your kids/baby sitter/wife/garden/etc :w00t: