Winter ride

Hey Guys damn good ride out as always, excellent pace, excellent company…great route, shame about the rain but the sun was well organised for when we stopped…

Good one for sure…and my feet are dry…amazing…

Damn, I missed this one :frowning:

yeah, a good day today even if it was peeing down pretty much all day! It certainly put all our waterproof gear to the test :w00t:

my leather jacket stayed nice and dry, thats only because i was wearing a tlb hoddie over it

A great ride, thanks everyone, especially Ginger for the essential wake-up call. :slight_smile:

128 miles door-to-door, great roads. Sony and I set off from my place just after 09:00 and made Box in good time after fuelling.

The rain was only a nuisance for me for one five-minute spell - visibility suddenly became much reduced, so backed right off for a few miles. A very slightly damp crotch by the end - how can I waterproof that seam?

I can report that Ginger behaved himself impeccably on the road, well done that man. :slight_smile:

What a nice day, went out with 2 clean sparkling bikes,… came home with 2 filthy dirty muddy bikes and riders to match :smiley:

Still can’t feel my toes, they are so cold and shrivelled lol

Ben what happened to you, we waited…and waited… and waited… and waiteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed it was getting dark so decided to move on :wink:

great day out;;brilliant ride.little rain ,mainly sunny:) good company.

any one seen ben:w00t:

Great day out, brilliant ride looking forward to the next one :smiley:

My bike’s still clean :smiley: Sorry we missed it though :wink:

Who gave me MAN flu Friday? :crazy:

dont worry cos ive caught it now too, cant stop sneezing, grr!

Nah, that wont be MAN flu :hehe:

T’was a good ride :smiley:

At some point I suffered from seepage of bloody cold water in the warm crotch…uuuuggggrrhhh:crazy:

C ya all soon,


Yes, good ride. Thanks Eric for leading.

On a serious note, anybody heard form Ben?

Bens here!! Sorry bout that folks!! Don’t quite no what happened but ended up on my own little ride out. Took some guys directions to Bury hill and ended up in a place called Horsham. Tried to ring Terry again but had no signal and it was pissing down. Got some more directions which took me in the opposite direction of wherethe other guy told me and ended up on A29??

Thanks for waiting peeps, sorry i never found you. :frowning:

did you find that dummy you spat out:P good to hear your ok see ya soon:)

Only goes to prove, don’t trust weather forcasts. Had heard the day before there was going to be high winds (I was blown off the bike just outside Cambridge about 4 years ago so get a little paranoid about this kind of weather) and guess what sod all wind. I’d got absolutely plastered the night before and thinking there was no way I was going to be heading out on Sunday and then no wind…bugg*r.

I found it in east sussex, wonderd who’s it was, (should have known really :smiley: )Give it to ya friday Ben :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, thanks lads… :doze:

no probs mate:)

Any chance you could post some of your pics Ang?