Winter hack anyone?

Z1000sx - so good, am buying a new one. :slight_smile:

High mileage (65k) means a crap trade in price - have accepted £2k. Have owned since summer 2016 when I bought it off Kevsta with 3k on it (Year old at the time)

So if anyone wants to match the offer (You’ll have to pick it up from Suffolk) you’ll get a never dropped bike, panniers, scottoiler, heated grips.

New disk brakes last year, tyres good for 6k easy, pretty full dealer service history.

Anyone interested let me know - will be going to dealer last week of Feb.

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Good deal that!

Tempted to keep it for days when the gritters have been out. But three bikes in the garage would be taking the piss!

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Nah, 3 is fine :eyes:

i hear 4 is a good number

I stopped at 8, ran out of garage space.

you stopped?

Well, bought a 9th last week, but gave it to mrs groovy


That’s me fuked if you consider a 8 year old bike with 65k miles a hack
My 2021 bike has 50k miles and will go up by the time it reaches 3 years old

Have a look on Autotrader, may be an option to off load on there for nearer £4,000!

Don’t call it a winter hack either, it’s a pre-loved, two owners from new, sports tourer with full Kawasaki service history and as good today as it ever was.

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I’m interested in the bike if it’s still available, I’ve sent you a PM.