Wimbledon bike parking info needed

Hi guys,

I am going to wimbledon tomorrow and wanna know what is the parking like.

I looked up the Motorcycle Parking website and it says it is free to park on the Resident’s Bay and Shared Use Bay (Resident’s and P&D) but the info was updated Sept 2008 so I just wanna find out is it still the case.

Many thanks in advance


Was there a couple of weeks ago - horrible place not well set up for bikes imho.

There’s a website with all the details - do a search on here and am sure it will come…but from memory - there’s defo a bike bay outside the Sainsbury - then a short walk into town. Can get full of scooters but just makes you look and feel all more hardcore :stuck_out_tongue:

The main carpark didn’t seem to have any bike bays and had lots of hovering wardens when I was there.


If that works - tried to link earlier and posted in the wrong thread:w00t:

Hi, I live in Wimbledon, and yes, the parking rules are still the same. There are some designated spots though on South Park Road and on Compton Road (or maybe its Alwyne Road) one of those 2, and in the car park behind the Odeon Cinema. But otherwise as long as you dont park in Pay and Display, youre fine. If you do park in Shared use bay, park at the end of it so a car can still use it because I think they are funny about that.

Check out park-up.com for MC parking spots in London for future ref

Might also help - http://www.motorcycleparking.com/parking_london.shtml

If possible I park in the bay by the vehicle exit of the police station. Nothing like lots of police traffic to keep the tea leaves away.