Will this work?

Will the universal phone holder (picture attached) work with a bike’s wind screen?

It uses suction or you can get one with adhesive. I’m looking for a way to mount my phone to my bike as I run GPS on the phone.

This is my phone…



i had one sucked onto the old fazer but it used to work its way loose, its better if you can get a proper fitting kit…

Looks like it could be nicked easily…

I wouldn’t trust the suction cup to hold the device as it’s designed with cars in mind.

Are you able to mount it via a mount from the bars? Google Ram Mounts for examples…It’s an added expense but will be more secure for your device

Enter the Chazter !!

my thoughts exactly! I think it’s time for Chaz and SRS

What’s this about Charlie?

Does he make the mounts or something?

Try http://www.ram-mount-uk.com/
They seem ok

Charlie fitted my tom tom for me as the mounts that came with the unit wouldn’t fit my bike. If he doesn’t have the answer for you, I think SRS in Hammersmith will be able to custom make one for you. There’s a thread in name & Shame and SRS’s number is in there.

definatly get a ram mount i use one for my pda on the bike and was goign very fast with out a problem…

I’d doubt that the phone would be robust enough for the purpose, after all, most car sat navs won’t hack being on a bike for long.

you was “goign” while everyone else was going and gone mate !!

Can you show me a picture of how your PDA is mounted to your bike.

my tank bag splits in 2 and the lower is small with a clear pocket on the top and it all goes in there and its fine and water proof