will they fix i time?

put my van in the local garage as its difficult to start , esp since the cold weather, got a trackday tommorow will they get it fixed by 6pm when they close? hope so or thats my trackday money wasted :ermm:Well maybe if they dont ill be in the garage till early hours reffiting fairings for road use and number plate as its got 11 months & tax mot but fitted a track fairing with no lights and took back lights out , is it leagal to ride a bike with full mot but the lights have been removed???:hehe:

if it’s a diesel chances are it’s the heater plugs…dead easy to change and not too expensive.:slight_smile:

dont say that word too loud m8:D

Sh1t !!! I forgot it’s Diesel Thursday…Hope the non starting isn’t due to a leak:w00t:

doesnt matter what it is now vans not done wont get it back untill at least lunch time tommorow , so thought ill go and fit the road fairings back on so i could ride it up:cool: only trouble is my track bikes in the back of the van (new i forgot somthing) so i wont be going tracin tommorow :O(

i will still go up to brands might even take me k6:cool: for a ride but not going to do a trackday on it just incase i come off and [email protected] it up :w00t:as i intend to sell it soon as i can so ill come up and take some pics, of ya mad dog and maybe some video

dont know if i can give my trackday away to some one else ?