Wife wants new bike, but a few inches short, HELP!!


Mrs GSXR passed her test in November and will be looking for a bigger bike soon, one problem she’s 5ft 1 tall and currently has a seat height of 740mm on her 125 Suzuki.

Most 650cc bikes are between 770mm and 800mm seat height, do you know of any companies who can lower bikes to 730mm to 745mm?

What bikes can be lowered and by how much???

Currently looking at ER6N’s, SV’s ,cb250’s, hornets.

If you got any experience of having a lowered bike let me know.

SV650 is a popular choice amongst the ladies on here, and very easy/cheap to lower Hegetty just passed her test and bought one and very happy with it. :slight_smile:

as said b4 m8, m8 of mine is about 5" and has a new bandit 6 but has had the foam in the seat cut down/reshaped, suits him fine, i think better doing it that way cos your not messing with the actual ride height etc with the shock.

Saying that, hagons make custom length shocks too.

I am 5 3 and have an ER6F, the fared version of the bike that your wife is looking at.

I have lowered seat, and I have had the bike lowered, just so that it is more comfortable for myself. I know that the dealer that I bought it from said that this bike could be lowered from the original seat height by about 50 cm! Not sure how true this is though.

Thanks for those replies, gives me something to work on.

I reckon a pair of 70’s glam rock boots should do it, that must add 3 inches.

Yeah and then won’t be able to change gear!!:w00t:I have had to cut down the seat padding on all my past bikes (Hornet, 2 fireblades) as I’m 5ft 2" but now I ride a gsxr750 and haven’t had to do anything. I didn’t need to on the CBR400 either for that matter. Don’t forget, its not all about seat height, its seat width aswell, thats a big factor too.

SV…SV…Did i mention SV’s?:smiley:

can be lowered no probs, infact they are pretty low anyway get her down to a bike shop and try’em all out!!

PM AbbeyJ she parks in the same car park as me, she has a new ER6F but finds it too tall for her, and the problem is with the rear shock being almost horizontal means that there is a lack of height adjustment that can be gained from tweaking the shock…

That’s got to be the solution… then fit a suicide gear shifter (with an 8 ball on it), with a foot clutch! Problem solved.

tell her to get a shorter shock made, they dont cost much more than standard, look on the hagons site, tells you all there.

I got a honda hornet 250 for sale :smiley:

I’m 5"4 and was able to touch the ground on it

Hehe wrote something about why given the angle of the shock that this would not be the case, then looked at a picture of the bike and reaslised it still would drop the ride height…But still think it is not the best bike for shorter riders…

BMW have factory lowered bikes and used to offer a years free insurance.

suzuki dealers can get hold of new seat pads that are lower designed for small people. ask dave at johns of romford rush green. also look at the new suzuki gladius thats what my misses whats.

a mate has a lowered sv 650 for sale pm me if intrested and i’ll have a word and pm you his number

Daytona Ladystar GTX boots will also give her a bit of help on the height side


I know a few ladies that swear by them

thanks for the link, did’ny realise they made boots for the short people and they look quite good too, will pass on to Mrs GsxrCPFC.

FlyingFinn had a pair till the cager took her out, she swore by them and apparently very comfy to walk around in.

Interesting blurb here

There is a firm down in Bexhill-on-Sea that do lowering kits for most bikes but I can’t for the life of me remember what they are called by they are highly respected.

mmmmm curvy

me likes that colour!

whack a BlueFlame pipe on it…job done…nice ride…better than the older naked SV i think:)