Wife said "Yes" ....uh oh....

Hmm I managed to screw this up royally last night, I was talking to the wife and moaned at her that she was boring to talk to (yes I know ) and that she didnt understand anything about bikes whereas I understood everything about her job/interests etc…she just look so bored when I talk about bikes, so anyway I then said “You should do your bike test so we have more in common”

“Ok” she said “book my test and I’ll do it”

Never in a million years did I think she would be faintly interested and I’m now in a right quandry

a) She might be a better rider than me

b) We have kids and its bad enough I go on a bike let alone her

c) I’ve no right to the oppinion above, but I dont really want her to ride…

what the feck do I do?

p.s if you’re wondering why i just posted this she just called me at work to see if I’d booked it yet

Funny this…

a bit of a weird place…

I think hats off to your wife for wanting to do things with you! and for doing something that she may be terrified of doing just to be able to talk to you about bikes!

Can understand the concern about the kids… but about her being a better rider???

why not just tell her your concerns, and then dont be surprised when she starts thinking that it may not be that safe for you on the bike either???

I know myself and I would not be able to give up my babies easily and brilliantly I have a OH who I can ride with and enjoy riding with!

My opinion??? Book it and give her all the support she needs!!!

My advice would be stop acting like a woman, saying one thing and wanting the opporsite, say what you want, if you dont get it oh well, least you tried…

Also if you dont want her on the bike (understandable if she turns out to be a complete squid) just because biking is dangerous then you are suicidal and shouldent be on one either.

You done it now!

Having a missus who has zero interest in two wheels I understand… how do you get out of it… er …ummm…

lol, she may be calling your bluff

I suspect she is but then again she may not be!! I think I’ll book it tbh a CBT isn’t that risky and she might enjoy it, heck if she can survive twins she can survive anything…

Good start, at least see if she will go for the CBT. She’ll either love it or hate it but at least she will have tried.

Book her onto a CBT first, see how she feels. You never know, she might absolutely hate it and then you’re off the hook!

As for your other points:

a) what does it matter? If you’re a reasonable rider, that’s enough for you. If she’s a reasonable rider, that’s enough for her. No need to compare, just enjoy riding and sharing an interest.

b) what does having kids got to do with whether one, both or neither of you ride? OK, so it might be a pain if you want to go out for a ride together, so do what other people do and get a babysitter.

c) WHY don’t you want her to ride? That’s the main question you could do with asking yourself, then you’ll understand why you’re uncomfortable.

And no, you didn’t screw up, she just called your bluff (go girl!) After all, you’ve probably been whittering on about bikes, spending hours in the garage tinkering with bikes, talking to other people who are interested in bikes an’ you know what they say - if you can’t beat 'em, join 'em. Well done Mrs Romanova, hope to see her on LB soon! (Do wish her best of luck in her bike test from me!)

I ride a GSXR, so of course I’m a riding God oh and if you see one behing you while filtering please move over asap

the only reason I’m uncomfortable is that riding a bike is inherently risky, look at the number of “biker down” threads here and elsewhere, even if you’re an amazing rider it wont stop you hitting the car that pulls out on you, so if I die on a bike then at least the kids have her…hmmm don’t want to get too morbid as I dont feel this way about biking , I love it and I think she will too.

I’ll book it tomorrow - thnx for the opppinions



I know …I know lol


The whole family can enjoy a day out

Probelm: Who gets the bike with the sidecar???

You and your big mouth.

That’ll learn ya

My missus rides and it does help when she understands that I need a new ohlins steering damper, or have to do a trackday

Book it for a cold rainy day. That might put her off going any futher.

I understand you not wanting to have you mother and father of your child to be both riders.
You can always go the “French” way about it and all your problems will be sorted (althou I guaranty a all lot of new ones) :wink:

you got a top woman there mate

I wouldn’t worry about it. Just a passing thing probably

Brilliant idea!

Just like Alf’s brother-in-law and Olive from “On the Buses”…

…then when you get fed up you can pull the connector pin and off they go by themselves!!!

my wife recons she’s pulling your plonker!


BLIMEY!! Ego or WHAT? Blew it?? If that was me id blow your bluddy brains out !! (smile)… cor one min shes boring you, next min shes called your bluff and your sitting there going “oh no”…what DO you want? Yeh, your right, shes done well to have your twins and thats a feat alone, without getting her CBT out the way, cos of constant goings on at the poor women…no mate, you have truely made a huge boo boo here…(and struck a nerve me thinks!)…

I hope she DOES pass and then YOU have to buy her a bike!! so there! You go girl, get your bike licence under your belt and show him, not only can you blast out not one but TWO babies?..you can ALSO blast his ass on your brand new bike (but make sure its not a pussy Suzuki) (hee hee)…

And IF, she doesnt end up doing it? So what? she sure showed where you are coming from!! My hats off to her, and dont argue on this one, cos you will have the scurge of all us women bikers on your backside !!! ha ha…

Rant over…i liked your thread something we can all associate with…one reason i got my own bike? cos i was fed up with the ol man moaning about me being pillion,about riding his bike quicker on his own etc etc…NOW, im out more on mine than he is, i leave his backside sitting in while im on rideouts with mates, and i can talk just as much about biking “stuff” as he can! Oh, and being a woman? I have a seperate wardrobe with “my” biking gear in it !!! hardy ha ha !!!

well that kicked off some discussion! I’ve booked the CBT for her and shes looking forward to it so I’ve got some competition, in true man form tho I’ve challenged her to a trackday already

we’ll see how she goes I must admit I’m a bit impressed with her