Why scooters are banned on the playground...


Bloody chavs… hehe.

looks like an extended version of the post by LCALLER

like the slowed down effects, hehe

Broken bones for sure from that, not nice.

Flippin Heck!!! Always seems like a good idea, untill it all goes horribly wrong…


Jesus Christ !!..I hope that wasnt as serious as it looked !

i bet if you asked them about centrifugel force five minutes before they couldnt tell you ****…

could you imagine doing it with my bike… or where they’ed land

The Tora Bora mountain range in Afghanistan? They’d think it was some new US bomb being tested…

Stupid hurts…BAD in this case, it would appear. LOL


LOL… that is crazy ! Feel a bit sorry for the girls who “signed up” for it though…

It’s only funny untill someone gets hurt …then it’s hilarious!!!



stop, stop,


Don’t want to think about what could’ve happened if they’d come off and hit the scooter.

Custom paint job anyone?