Why isnt there a motorcycle 'Top Gear'

Everytime I watch Top Gear I wonder why there isnt an equivalent show for motorcycles… :blink:

Can you image how cool it would be to sit every Sunday and watch something like that?

When will we have a LondonBikers.tv ? :smiley:

wasn’t there some show called bikes aloud on men and motors a couple of years ago :ermm:

Top gear used to feature bikes back in the 90’s with the journo Steve Berry.

They stopped doing it when Clarkson came on the scene - he detests motorcyles (probably because when he tried to ride one he crashed).

Simply because we are a minority interest group and without a decent “political” lobby for that stuff.

It’d would probably be sh*t anyway. They’d try to ape Top Gear or Fifth Gear and that would not work. Unless your 14 with an acne problem.

clarkson’s a tool!..

anyone see him on that vietnam edition of top gear…he just couldn’t ride to save his life, and fell of as well…gimp!

the best i could find…down goes clarky:D

Something tells me that wasn’t 100% unplanned…

Really?..What makes you say that…I can’t see Clarkson trying to pull of a stunt like that…who knows how he would have landed…and bear in mind that vid quality is not all that. When I saw it properly on TV it looked pretty damn nasty!


I think a lot of that is what’s referred to as ‘acting’ :slight_smile:

I think with a new surge in interest (due to congestion charge or whatever) in 2 wheels, there should be something. There are just as many bike mags on the counter if not more than car mags.

But we’d need a stig. Probably Foggy or someone similar. Could you imagine the insurance to get a ‘celeb’ to test ride the ‘affordable 600’? :hehe:

I’d probably hate them if i met them. But TG is entertaining. Buch of overgrown middle class eejots over-acting up. But its well entertaining :slight_smile: Man alive its a fun job though. Some of those cages look real fun. 300+hp rear wheel drive cars on wet sand bed in north england? theyve had a couple of bike vs car things going on, but nothing major. Would love them to cover new R1 and do more races involving bikes. The Vietnam edition was class :hehe:

There’s loads of little MCN reviews and stuff on you tube, but not a big enough market I expect.

a show would be pants fifth gear sucks so badly i like watching the bsb tt and moto gp on tv anything else is pretty crap as look how many super cars there are out there the antics they get up. if you tried it with bikes it just wouldmt cut it. shame really but in the mean time ima keep watching topgear every sunday

I seem to remember there being one in the 90s. There is one in the Netherlands featuring an ex house DJ. They road test motorcycles and equipment. There is also a programme called Transport World about Trucks and Logistics. Great Sunday afternoon viewing.

God Bless The Netherlands.

Most of the Men & Scrotums programmes on bikes were cheap nasty crap.The only exceptions were a docu about the TT and Scratchin and another one about club racers - proper documentaries.

There will be one soon … it is being made!! :smiley:

Do they need an annoying little fella like Richard the Hamster Hammond?

I am happy to be the Gerbil? ( my 1st name is in fact Kevin for all those old enough to remember Roland Rats side Kick )

Pick me Pick me! !! :smiley:

Oh you mean like the show we have in the states called “Superbikes”…Top Notch stuff!! :Whistling:

Tv is pants, a bike show would be pants.

on an anual basis you can see - the TT OIM races, the north west 200, Tandergree 100 (AMAZING)

then WSB, BSB, Supermoto, British motox, supercross, Supermoto.

i think thats not bad, not to mention eurosport. if you mean for road tests of bikes like top gear, hmmmmmmmmm - look at topgears advice - its nonsense.

bike magazines - a majourity of it is nonsense. do we really need it?