why is it

why is it when the first bit of decent sun and a nice ambient temprature is reached, arseholes start sayin “ooohhh its to hot” ???

I guess its cos living in the UK there’s WAY more cold time, so its easier to hate 3 mnths of the year cos the heat sucks, than being miserable for 9 months and moaning about the cold…

Its not too hot, I’m jsut cold blooded, so when it gets hot I just fall asleep…

Anyone else?

Sitting in a nice air conditioned, constant temperature office, I don’t care what the weather is like till I get out in it. By the time i get to go home, it will already be cooling down. As soon as I can get out of London traffic and into the countrside, the bike will run better and I can enjoy myself.

Humans these days… Just need something to moan about.

Are you wearing nylon underpants by any chance ? ? ?

I asked that question today to my mates everyones like cant wait till its hot then when it is there all na i aint goin its too hot!! i dont really like it because i suffr from hay fever quite badly and sneeze alot which is not nice in a helmet

That’s becouse now they will have to have a shower everyday, lazy bastards!

Nope, I just don’t like the heat; give me -25 anyday over +25!

Now Paivi, that makes no sense …

at -25 deg C, you can’t ride! … but at +25 deg C, you can ride!!!

But at -25C I can make snow angels! And, you can ride, as the lakes freeze over and tracks are laid!

Who’s moaning as long as I don’t have to use public transport like today the world can get as hot as she likes, the people on the number 18 bus really do need to be told you need more than one shower a week that bus stinks, you have to hold you breath between stops and wait for the doors to open before you can get any kind of fresh air to fill your lungs

this is precisely why i walk to work!!!

All I know is that when it’s warm my tyres are sticky, when my tyres are sticky I can have more fun and life is ALL about having fun.

Bring on the heat!!!