Why is getting insurance so random?

I don’t understand how the insurance companies work.

Yesterday I rang an insurer I got a quote of £472.46. I spent most of the day yesterday running around ringing people, best quote I get is from e-bike £337. Problem is I don’t like the e-bike policy, doesn’t give me certain things that I want.

I go back to the original insurer, who quoted £472, go through the process again, don’t mention e-bike, and this time they come back with a quote of £328.


Why is it almost £150 cheaper today when no details have changed?

Obviously I bit their hand off taking the policy, as it has all the extras I need and it was cheaper then anything else I had managed to find. I just can’t understand how they can make two quotes on two different days with such a massive difference in the price.

Racism :slight_smile:

I am not sure why, but that made me laugh! :smiley:

Me too :smiley:


This may interest you Kaos -http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-18268650. Doesn’t explain why your quote is £150 cheaper one day to another.

My renewal came in at about £550, which was slightly more than last year. Carol Nash quoted about £1200, then ran a comparison on bikeinsurer.co.uk that showed Motorcycle Direct the cheapest at £320. Then suddenly my existing insurer had no problem not only matching that, but halving the excess to the same level as Motorcycle Direct. It shows how much profit they’re making on people who just renew.

Same person on the phone? At the end of the day they are just sales people and all the prices will vary a bit depending on the persons mood and whether they are hitting targets I guess :slight_smile:

Chap on MCE did the usual ‘Let me go and speak to my manager and see what he says’, then he came back with a reduced price :slight_smile:

Still BS though. I declared a hugger as a modification and it went from £350 to £1000. :smiley:

considering you can get public liability insurance to cover you and a workmate / tools for damages upto 5,000,000 for a annual sum of around £130 vehicle insurance does make me laugh.why we cannot insure ourselves in car’s or on bikes like this is beyond me.

my renewal came through last month on my vfr at £344 went online and got it for <£150 tpft my previous insurer would not even entertain trying to match or beat the online quote let alone knock anything off.with the money saved i insured my second bike drz400 for £118 tpft

I’m not gonna go into details bacause a) I will bore you senseless and b) I may just fall asleep at my desk attempting to put every possible permutation out there however as previously mentioned silly as it sounds if you had a different underwriter looking at your case (even if details are the same) they may have applied loads or reductions in certain areas. Same goes for if you spoke to different broker over the phone they may feel your enquiry is worth going for to hit targets.

Having said this most personal lines insurances are automated but will be looked at if there are any referals. The majority of London based riders will more than likely be a referal due to the high theft areas or perhaps the nature of the bike (e.g. a nice shiney MV Augusta). Also it surprises me that if they have a database and all is recorded why do they not have your previous quote? Probably admin cock-up of some sort, it happens!

its all about risk, you are much more likely to have an accident on the bike than you are at work…

even funnier if you have to claim off ebike.

I had an independent private investigator come round my house and interview me for an hour…then because the bike got nicked off my mate’s drive, magnum PI also insisted on going round my mate’s house and interviewing him too - and taking photos of his passport, etc.

I don’t understand either Kaos. :blink:

My insurance came up for renewal recently. My premium last year was £350. So, I stuck all of my details (as per the details given last year) into Comparethemarket.com (other comparison websites are available!) and was shocked to get a quote of £228 from MCE. The reason I was so surprised is that I was already with MCE! So why was I paying more?! :ermm:

Even better was the fact that I then called MCE to say that I would not be renewing (with the idea of actually cancelling and then buying the online quote), and when asked why I simply told them that the quote onine was much cheaper for the same deal. The girl on the end of the phone asked for the details to be confirmed (all exactly the same!) and she came back with a quote of £224 per year, with even more stuff added (including bike replacement, breakdown recovery etc…). :slight_smile:

So, here I am with a cheaper policy, more perks and no tangible reason why… :stuck_out_tongue:

If you do manage to work it out please feel free to tell us… Personally I think they just make it up on the spot! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just for comparison, the policy is for a CBR929RR Fireblade, TPFT in a secure car park with 24hr security, in South East London, and I’ve been riding for 4 and half years with no claims. :smiley:

because of thieving little c*nts;)

I would think it is bit more than just that Ratty. Remember the economic crash, and how bankers were selling to consumers products the bankers were betting on to fail, and they failed so the bankers made a bonus profit on the bettings and product sales.

Well for I would think a lot of those consumers who were sold bad products were the filthy rich of whom many very likely are also the Lloyd names who promise to back with money the insurance claims of punters like you and me, and the people who were backing the bets to fail were also insured against loss. So what I’m suggesting is the ‘Lloyd names’ got stun twice and lost a lot of money buying crap from the banks and then paying the banks ‘bets to fail’ winnings via insurance.

End result, you and me have to pay the names et al more premiums to make up the money they were conned out of because the big banks got away with everything of what they did. Bastards!

Why do I think this, because when I tried comparing TP vsTPF&F, TP costs more, so fire and theft can’t be regarded as a real insurance risk because if it was then TP only should be cheaper shouldn’t it, so the money need for insurance cover must be bleeding from elsewhere?

I would also add this cost is only Lloyds minimum quote, and after that quote you get a string of brokers and each charge a % they think the market will bare on top, and so the more brokers in the chain, and if these brokers companies were also stun by the bank swindle, our end user prices go up.

“I don’t understand how the insurance companies work.”

easy there self regulated by themselves with the backing of the govt you sratch my back and i will fill yr coffers with tax revnue as long as you let us rip off the public

take phots of passsport i would have told him to fk off they are not the law self regulated rip off merchants they can go get fked