Why I love LB

Employment lawyers
Tenerife advice
Migrain help
Man and Van
Urgently needed bolt cutters :stuck_out_tongue:
Law & police experts (thanks T.C)
Property Experts
Sliding Patio Doors
Cynthia and Peace :stuck_out_tongue:
Paramedic Advice

Are just a few of the posts from browsing the first couple of pages in “general chat” where people need help that is not related to motorcycles. I would like to thank LB on behalf of everybody, and thank everybody on behalf of myself, for the vast knowledge base and the willingness to help other people out - not only with regards to motorcycles - that LB brings together.

It amazes me every time that people I know very little about, or people that don’t know me at all, offer to help me out in any way they can every time there’s an obstacle in my way - and I’m almost sure that anyone else on the forum has had a similar experience.



+1 AWESOME :smiley:

and after we help you we can have a totally heated debate bot coppers and stuff:P

both, you can solve with a little cream from boots ;):w00t::cool:

Don’t forget the “ive left my bike in gear without realising, shit my bike is dead, start to panic what am I going to do” type of Help… :w00t: :wink:

I love this site, and recommend it to anybody I know who rides. It’s a real sense of community, and I look at some people on here as my closest of friends. Group hug! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember one idiot who couldn’t get his bike started - asked for advice - then realised he was out of petrol…numpty :stuck_out_tongue:

Early days for me but I totally agree, I’ll stick around :slight_smile:

Group hug…:stuck_out_tongue:

Ahhh, like Roadrunner i consider some people on here to be very good friends, it has a family feel, and you can get answers to anything :smiley:

I have been thinking of asking LB help to come round and help Lewis build a BBQ so we can hold the odd LB outdoors dinner and giggle event :D:D

Im a real man, i dont need help.

Though any help via Pm will be awesome as I havent got a frecking clue! Just dont tell er indoors :smiley:

+1 … real friendly comoooneeeteee


But yeah, great feel to the forum. All of those who know and have met me know that I’m still ‘quite’ young (at 18), yet people welcomed me so so nicely.

And yeah, I’m sure there will be loads of people to help you build a barbie Lewis. Never met you myself - but happy to help with any of the muck-work :slight_smile:


Cheers Chippy! Ive had a few Pms already hahahahahaha thats why I love LB! :smiley:

I was so grateful I asked if they needed help! It worked out for a bit :wink:

Don’t forget the MotoGP comp!! -http://londonbikers.com/competitions/17966/win-full-weekend-tickets-to-motogp-at-silverstone

Barbie Help

Tim you’re a very strange person…


But yeah, great feel to the forum. All of those who know and have met me know that I’m still ‘quite’ young (at 18), yet people welcomed me so so nicely.


I think that’s called ‘Grooming’ Chris

Who knows, I might be down with that? :w00t:


Don’t get any ideas, Si.

I’ve already got a few bags of Haribo at the ready…

Yeah. Unfortunately LB doesn’t have too many old people with a pocket full of Worthers Originals. In a recent interview, I informed the interviewer that “children will do anything, for an old person with Worthers Originals”…


I was wondering why so many people were trying to give me a backie when my leg was broke. But now I realise that when they said “fancy a ride on my back” it had a different meaning…