Why Good Morning?..

Why must we say Good Morning to eachother?.. why not Good Afternoon or Good Day, Good Evening or Good Night?.. what makes the morning so special?..

Absolutely. Happy Thursday everyone.

Why not…?


History suggests that the origin was infact a daily blessing such as the Irish one below which has been shortened to Good Morning…

May good luck pursue you each morning and night.

As you are aware living in Germany they do greet Morning, Noon, Day, evening and night…

But hell just a have a good one !


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Anyways… Happy Damn Thursday!!!

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because every day on my bike is a sunny day and I’m alive and healthy, I have a view that if you you are happy it makes everyone happy …smiles


“I’m going as fast as I can!!!”


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Thank you H…

Jeni x

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Your welcome hun, just getting a bit fed up with some members trying to score cheap shots off the opposite sex. we’re all riders FFS

shut up Mr. Runt. did i give you persmission to post on my topic?..

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This is a members forum an I post where I like, if you want a fight mate help your self


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