Why do people think it is OK to park in Motorcycle Bays?

This guy is an idiot, he was there a good 10 minutes or more, Why do they think it is OK to block our bays? People do get in to work… I wanted to tell him something but I was afraid he might knock my bike down after I left. He could have parked a few meters back ar$e. I like to park at the sides of a bay if I can to avoid people squeezing in between my bike and the next, that way at least I have the side empty if I can park at either left or right ends of a bay plus there is a post there so I can put my chain around it.

If you ask I do have his number plate.





Maybe he had to make a delivery? There was plenty of room there, it’s not as if the bike bay was full…

What time was it at, if it was outside the permitted hours then he has just as much right to be there as the rest of us - pain in the rear though.

with all the free space, stop your whinging, man up, and park in the ample space remaining…

i was expecting to see a car/van taking up an entire bay!

I fail to see anything to get riled up about

I fail to see anything!

Chill, dont worry be happy

Nice looking van.:slight_smile:

What about this?

thats worth mentioning :wink:

lol, if that’s anything like the bays i use it wouldn’t be long before there were scooters rammed into it at every conceivable angle, scratches all over it, scooters parked on the roof, etc.

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Trust me when I say by 8am that bay is full up… and all I want is to makesure my bike is in a good spot so it isn’t moved to make space for some sillyscooter to shoved right next to it in the little space I have to get to thebike.

Since we are defending this dick I assume a one way street also has time rules… so I guess before 8:30 you can go down it? Either that or is an analphabet and can’t read the big as$ NO ENTRY writing in the road. Same van… comes down the one way street then turns around and parks in motorcycle bay.

Out of all the vans on that road he is the only one that does that.

Also does it mean I can park in a disabled space before 8:30?

Drei - stop being a tightarse, pay the quid a day and park next to mine in Bell Yard!