Why do bus drivers dont look before they pull out?

Do you belong to a bus forum?? Because it could be that you post the same useless, one line of drivvel and then don’t respond to anyones comments on their forums and they’re on a mission to ‘get rid’ :wink:

Anyone know where i can hire a bus?? :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont understand what you trying to say? no one else seems to have a problem…may be we think at different levels:hehe:

I miss the old Route Masters.

It’s safer to miss all types of bus;):smiley:

I wouldn’t miss those bendy buses, especialy when cycling. And when they just miss me, I’m usually on target with their mirrors, especially if you get nearside mirror, it means they have to get out of their cab to adjust it.

yes we do i guess, & your at the lowest of them!..:hehe:

I have strong feelings about the ‘Bus v. Other Road-users’ arguments, having a former bus driver, now bus controller as a partner.

That aside, the concept of a bus as a single entity is part of the problem.

Yes, it is one vehicle but it may be carrying 80 individuals, more if it’s a bendy-bus.

I venture to suggest that the (sometimes) selfishness of individual riders/drivers is at odds with the whole anti-‘bus-driver’ thing.

Why should 80 people be held up for the sake of one rider?

As has been said, it is our responsibility to make things as easy for the bus (driver) as we can and be tolerant of the driver who is, after all, trying to do his job of transporting many people from place to place (I remember my partner saying he’d ‘counted’ nearly 1200 people on to his bus in one shift on one occasion).

Had a bus indicating to pull out last night, I went around it and it stopped and let me past, so gave him a wave of thanks and thought - have to post this tomorrow…

Good Boy;)

It’s not hard is it?:cool:

I think it’s called having respect for other road users as well as your own safety:)

Wot he said. There are other things to take into account (personally, I’m a lot more reluctant to stop still in the middle of the carriageway for any reason when I’m on a bike compared to in a car. But this is only because I don’t trust the other road users not to drive into the back of me), but as long as you can do it safely then why NOT let a bus pull out?More than most road users, as a biker you benefit from the goodwill of others in congested situations (e.g. there are several situations where car drivers have nudged up a bit in jams to let me filter past and get on my way) because you’ve got the ability to squeeze by in small gaps when they’re stuck with nowhere to go. Why not show a little consideration in return? It’s not as if a bus actually holds you up for any significant period of time, is it?

Its not the Bus Drivers vehicle/insurance/company, should I go on? Bus drivers, like Old Bill, do get a raw deal (sorry to Plod on here, no offence likening you to Bus Drivers!). Being on the road all day, and then having to put up with some members of Joseph Public is not a good combo. :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally, I think that all public service drivers should be women:)

This highway code rule about giving way to buses is a fairly recent addition isn’t it? I say this because I have noticed most buses have a sticker on the back saying ’ new highway code rule , please give way to buses '.

I have also noticed that since these stickers have appeared on the back of buses , a number of buses have pulled out in front of me with what seems to be no regard as to whether it is safe to do so.

I can only assume that some bus drivers feel this new right of way gives them license to pull out and move off without bothering to check on other road users.

I have now learned to expect all buses to pull out in front of me.

While I understand that this right of way has been granted to buses , to ease their passage along their route and help with making bus travel more efficient and a bit quicker , its appears that the drivers application of this technique has potential to create some safety issues.

Give way to buses has been in the theory questions for many years.

the bottom line to all this is that buses do not have a god given right of way, if you want to wait for a bus, go to a bus stop;)

Its perfectly normal human nature, tehy’re like Cabbies only with bigger vehicles so as well as being bored of driving and Funked off with sitting in traffic all day everyday for pretty lousy wages, they just go when they want, and being as big as they are they can get away with it if that’s how they choose to dirve.

Most, and I emphasises the most, cos it ISN’T all, bus drivers are just bored people who sit in traffic all day with the idiot cage drivers that we also fear…

Would you spend all day politely letting London scumbags cut you and pass you when you’ve got a grumpy boss on your intercom whinging about your schedule all day… NAH course you wouldn’t…

Highway code says they have the right of way and you should give them it. However, their license/test says they have to maneaour like the rest of us road users (mirrors and signal), so they should… so there you have it. Maybe they don’t look because they are arogant enough to think you will automatically let them out coz of the sticker on the back of the bus… or not :slight_smile: ???

yeah there is 2 reasons one is because in the highway code it says give way to buses but they interpet it as im first up yours and the second is ther just bloody ignorent, i hope i have helped.:cool:

bus drivers pull out not cause there not looking its cause they get fed up waiting for the majority of road to let them out

most times of no one lets me out i stick me arm out the window and that normally helps get me into the flow of traffic… i always check me blindspots were trained to do so

i had pulled out moped rider with now lights on its only cause i looked that i saw her shouted @ her to turn em on an she said sorry

the bottom line to all this is that buses do not have a god given right of wayAnd motorcyclists do?and the second is ther just bloody ignorent, No doubt they can’t spell either.:wink:

i think all bus drivers are useless twats

There all W…ERS!!

I nether catch buses if u drive behind one of them and they get on your nerves press the emergency red BUTTON on the back of the bus they dont like that it turns there engine off they have to get out of the bus and pull the button back out doing it when its raining haha:D:hehe: