Why do bus drivers dont look before they pull out?

I there any special reason for that. Please let me know because many times I got nearly knocked by them.

Ask frogga!

The Highway Code suggests you give way to busses pulling out.

To quote:-

Rule 198: Buses, coaches and trams. Give priority to these vehicles when you can do so safely, especially when they signal to pull away from stops. Look out for people getting off a bus or tram and crossing the road.

Ignore it at your own risk:cool:

but just because their indicators are on doesnt mean they can pull out

Buses and taxis seem to think they own the road…WRONG I do when Im in my Artic !! payback is a bitch cutting them up innit childish I know but worth it. :slight_smile:

If I see a bus indicating, I just hang back unless there is a lane next to me that has available space.

Annoying when they are just leaving the bus stop and not changing lane, but ho hum.

as chunky said…because you have to give way to them.

plus they are bigger than you, and they hurt if you collide:D

i was actually hit by a bus pulling out on me…of all people:rolleyes:!.
result was waking up the next day with a quite painful ankle.
result for driver was prosecuted for without due C&A:).

usually these tw@t bus drivers:doze: pull out unsafely knowing/expecting the other vehicle road user to just " hit the brakes ", so it’s not exactly something a rider can really do safely even at the slowest of approach speeds - thanks to them!..:pinch:.

be aware, be safe.

My own personal favourite is when two bus drivers, travelling in opposite directions, stop and have a cosy little chat for a few minutes . . . :angry: . . . Fruck off and chat in the depot!

I tell you something else they are the worst for going through red lights that is apart from cyclists!


I believe the bus drivers do see you us majority times but if they pulling out i find my self haven’t to be at least half way down on the offside of the bus for them to hold back a little ,

I hate when i’m in front of them at traffic lights and they edge up to my rear wheel ,what would happen if i stalled in front and he presumed that i fly off i say crushed rear end, one less Yammy on the road and 1 very unhappy man :w00t:

i usually rev like **** as i pass between them…:stuck_out_tongue:

I normally give buses lots of space and time and don’t understand the “must get through before the bus” riders. You will get past the bus in a minute or two, so why endanger yourself in an attempt to stop the bus pulling out? I find that almost all bus driver will let you past as soon as they are able to once they are in the flow of traffic and will warn of pedestrians or cars that might cross your path. There are of course times when the buses are frustrating, like this evening in Vauxhall where the lights changed, everyone moved off and as I and about five bikes were entering the yellow box a bendy bus accelerated across four lanes of traffic and then just stopped across our path. The buses need their own cycle to get out of that bus station as without it they are forced to do dangerous and stupid things.

Its hardly a fair race is it? Because it makes more sense for a bus to wait for 2 seconds to let me go by rather than “i’m pulling out regardless as i’ve got a give way to buses sticker on display” mentality.

And another thing, i see the 176 regularly jumping red light turning right down charing x rd at centrepoint, its bad for pedestrians as its green for them to cross rd.

And another thing, traffic lights at bus lanes,totally useless like the ones on Hammersmith Bridge,if the lights are red in the bus lane they scoot round them by joining normal road.

You said this has happened to you many times, so you should know by now what to expect and ride accordinly.

Many more buses on the roads thanks to Ken = need for more drivers = short-cuts in their training = why it seems the standard of bus driving has diminished.

The same is true of airline pilots. The proliferation of flights thanks to Sleazyjet, Ryanair et al = need for more pilots = poor training = that’s why you always get a spine-shatteringly heavy landing every time you fly Ryanair.

All IMHO of course, with tongue in cheek and props to any pilots or bus drivers on the board!

ChunkyMonkey (21/11/2007)

The Highway Code suggests you give way to busses pulling out.To quote:-

Rule 198: Buses, coaches and trams. Give priority to these vehicles when you can do so safely, especially when they signal to pull away from stops. Look out for people getting off a bus or tram and crossing the road.

Bus drivers seem to think that this rule gives them an automatic right of way.

It clearly say “Give priority” not take it

and “when you can do so safely” not when some ****** stick his ******* bus in the middle of the road coz he is so far up his own arse and doesn’t give a flying **** who else is on the road.

Its not the highway code, its the law of physics. They are bigger than us (and bright red) so they go first, its like the mechanical food chain;)

on the way to work this morning i was following an ambulance with its lights and sirens on racing back to the Whittington.
Bus pulls out and blocks it in for at least a minute at the bottom of Archway.
Ambulance manages to push through the traffic as the bus pulls away in the bus lane only to turn right and cut up the ambulance again.
I went past the bus only to see the guy waving his arms as if if he been hard done by
Chuffing unbelievable

I give buses a large berth, if they look like they are pulling out, I slow down and let them, can easily overtake once I know what they are doing (never know how many lanes they are going to pull out over).They are bigger than me and will definitely hurt if they hit me, not going to argue with them,I would rather be humble than end up with ‘I was in the right - it was his fault’ on my gravestone… I do have occasions to be angry at them, like one guy indicating to pull into the stop, so I go round him, only for him to pull out again (with the left indicator still going) and almost take me out…but if you give them a bit of respect (tough for some I know…) it makes life a lot easier for all…