do you know why you now dont pay for a bike to do the M25/Dartford Crossing??? …i didnt til i found out today…

i used to hate having to do the Dartford Crossing…taking off me gloves digging out me 40p, dropping it, get off the bike, find the money, pay the toll, put gloves back on, ride off, pe*d off and if it was cold and wet, twice as bad!..and its so nice now to just drive thru…

i found out today 2000 bikers did a ride to the Crossing and paid the toll in 1p’s…they jammed it up for about 3 hours…

i thank you, every one of you that made the world a better place (well Dartford Area!)

lets hope the KillSpills has the same result

Thats well funny Wish I knew about that, I would’ve joined in. Even though I don’t use it much anymore its great for you london peeps. I thought it was only free when major race meetings were on at Brands.

I used to stick 2 x 20p on the inside of my screen with gaffa tape and the corner folded so i just ripped it off and let them deal with faffing about with the tape

miss road rage ya aint just a pretty face!!!
thats a wicked idea so ya aint got mess about im gonna use that

Like salee said tho, you don’t need to pay for it anymore on bikes and if you aint got a screen ya buggered Suppose you could stick it to the tank tho

Ohhh I’m looking very clever now the blonde is a cover you know… for my great intelligence

I recall Barro telling me a story of him paying a fine that way all in 50 pence pieces or something. good on you Barro old chap!

i think someone should do that with the m6 toll that you have to pay on lol

I do know someone who was blissfully unaware of bikes being free, and rode up to the autotoll with a pound coin taped to the brake reservoir and paid

They’ve spoilt all my fun anyway… they used to let bikes line up side by side and go at the same time, they’ve stopped that now…

I think it was MAG who organised it… I heard a slightly different version - that they all paid with £20 notes, the toll at the time being something like 40p

m6 toll is 2.50 for bikes bloody rip off

Indeed it was MAG that lobbied, wrote letters, went to meetings & finally got it abolished, sad to see that all those that worked so hard for for it have had their work forgotten, but I guess that’s the way of things.

As you say, they did organise a protest, getting bikers to pay with large denomination notes, not coins (1p & 2p coins are only legal tender up to 20p ) but IIRC only a few dozen people bothered turning up.

I used to share a house with a right bolshy git that worked in a court taking peoples fines & this sort of thing used to happen quite often, they loved it !

His (& his colleagues) attitude to this was ‘I’m paid to be here, the guy trying to be a smart-ass is wasting their free time’ & they’d then see how long they could drag it out for, slowly miscounting the coins, getting distracted & having to start all over again etc. then after a few recounts one of the others would point out that 1p & 2p coins are only legal tender up to 20p, 5p & 10p pieces up to a fiver & 20p & 50p ones up to £10 & therefore they would (quite legally) refuse to accept it ! How he never got laid out was beyond me !

Ross, you are wrong best £2.50 I ever spent was riding that road on a bike

The Dartford Crossing I understand, it’s the only crossing for miles, but why quibble about the M6 toll, you don’t have to use it.

It’s like going to Sainsburys and refusing to pay for something.

just like chinese whispers…a story changes every time it is told…just glad it happened

Absolutely brilliant