Why are some bosses such t**ts???

Mine has displayed a fair amount of twatology even for him.

Don’t know how much more I can stand of this - I’ve had just about enough of it really

Wax doll & some pins maybe…

Now that’s what I call positive thinking!!!

…saves me from moaping about it…

… anyone ever fantasise about surprising their boss with a chain saw across the chops???

…it does no good but makes me feel a whole lot better

my old boss was the most arrogant a***hole ive ever met

in fact so was the boss before that… architects… blah!!!

Sorry to hear that mate at least you have job!

Surely it depends on their gender?


you should meet my boss no one is a bigger tw8t than he is… you clearly missed my post for a hitman… The £2.47 is stil available if anyone is interested, and as before even of that only gets a black eye I would be happy…

I may have some work for you The Sleeper!!

…Bosses and Bosstress who needs the back stabbing fookers!!!..fookers!..

I only ate my boss when he rides like a twat, otherwise he is a nice guy. Oh, I am the boss