Why Are Motorcycle Songs Such Krap????

I mean what have we got…

Chris Spedding (who?) - Motorbikin…

Born to be Wild… peeerlease .

And every time you get a motorbike article on the TV… out comes ‘Born to be Wild’ as the backtrack. Get imagination Tristram the TV director!

For such a great pastime the tracks made specifically about bikes are…well you know… pretty piss poor.

the exception to the rule …Motley Crue - Kickstart My Heart.

Nice, forgot about that one, shaln’t mention Saxons wheels of steel.

…another exception to the rule…Motorcycle Emptyness by the Manic Street Preachers (not sure if it’s a song about bikes though )

Ahh that’s better - yer right.

Almost makes up for…

what about Meatloaf !..the classic ‘Bat outta Hell’…gotta top the list

The Worzels…" I Got a Brand New Combine Harvester "

Not a bike song really but it describes a Gixer !!

please, please, please don’t mention that one! lol

Barro his logo’s based on Harely Davidson’s…what do you expect.

Golden Earring, Radar Love, not specifically biking but damm good driving tune overall.


Primal Scream - Kowalkski, Vanishing Point - again a driving song, but damm it gets you fired up!

Plus anything by Prodigy at all. They were in fact, strapped to Fireblade’s when tehy were in the studio recording everything they ever wrote with aritificial ground rolling beneath them at the equivalent of 135mph to give them taht real biker feel. No wonder their tunes are just so pumping good when the throttles pinnned wide!

i hope you dont believe everything you read…‘strapped to fireblades in the studio’…‘rolling road’…

as someone who has done alot of studio work…how the hell would they fit their cans under their helmets ???

think on!

Hey I play guitar and a few others play on here lets come up with our own song

Maybe because its always shi*e rock music things need to be brought up to date a little bit, gone are the days of oil leaking trumpets its all electronic now they should use stuff like on the Citroen adverts

Maybe they weren’t wearing lids? they were in the sudio on a bolted upright fireblade, with a rolling road benieth…


well thats downright dangerous in studio conditions…

and without sh*te rock music there would be no electronic stuff…there has to be something to spark a rebelion

it was called punk rock, about 25-30 years ago IIRC . . . .

Howabout Pinks Floyd, I’ve got a bike you can ride it if you like . . .

Very true rock music… well it just rocks

The ultimate has already been achieved in the form of Richard Thompsons ‘1952 Vincent Black Lightning’, there’s even a mention of Box Hill in there. (…one of the most difficult guitar parts ever too, for those of you who like a challenge).

Damn ya beat me too it !

“Red hair & black leather, my favourite colour scheme”

Superb guitarist, first time I saw him live I was amazed at how simple he made it look.

Well a couple of others for the pot:

The classic ‘Leader of the pack’ by the Shangri-las (or Julian Clarey if that’s more your bag ! )

‘Iron Horse’ by Motorhead

And in case any of the ped riders are feeling left out there’s always the seminal ‘Funky Moped’ by Jasper Carrott

Surely there are one or two LBers for whom “Fart, fart, fart auf der Autobahn” would be appropriate?

(Hi Andrea - yes, I know I’ve left an h out!)