Why am I having a hard time

When my partner first got his 125cc he was straight on it and fell a few times and even though he didn’t know anyone with a bike I don’t really understand why I am finding it so hard to go on main roads etc. I have about a month until my restricted test and I have only been on the main road once and made so many mistakes and I know the only way to feel comfortable is to get to know my bike which means more riding. My partner is the only one that supports me as everyone else put me down but I am not sure what a easier way of enjoying riding more and being less nerves as I feel as I do when I first got the bike. I don’t understand it am I the only one that feels like this because I just feel stupid about it?

I’ve been riding for about months but only a couple of hours a week, took me about 2 months to feel comfortable. i just did journeys I knew as a car driver so was aware of the roads. You’ll get there.

You’re not the only one…Most have nerves at some point in their riding careers.

Just need more miles under your belt, and to preferably get out when traffic is light covering a larger and larger patch of a local area over time. Then progress out to areas you don’t know so well.

You can also try riding with a group, getting tips and advice off them.

No, you’re not the only one, it’s terrifying! The key is to go out riding with one or a few people.
Take it easy, and slowly progress. Practice in a car park if you can, until you’re happy with the controls.

I reckon one or more of us could come out and help you. Maybe you won’t feel so intimidated by all the traffic if you know there’s people with you. We all had to start somewhere, I would find it difficult to believe anyone who says they never even a bit nervous on a bike! :wink: :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t worry about it! Everybody gets nervous to begin with. Just keep going out with someone who can ride, and let them give you pointers. It will come with time… :wink:

I was lucky to have my brother to go out with. It looks funny as he’s on a 750 and i’m on a 125, especially when I’m leading!


you have to beleve you can do it!! tell your self you can do it!, and most of all face your fears and get out there, its the only way to learn;), by all means get practiceing in car parks, but really you need to get some time on the roads if you have your test coming up, why not get up at teh crack of dawn on a weekend and go ride!

dont know what area your from but i’d be happy to help out if need be, im east london based.:slight_smile:

i get nervous when i ride every time, you wouldnt belive how nervous i was wednesday when i rode up to the bm meet for the first time, trying to follow johnse1 up there through london traffic , from kent , he rides up there everyday but i havent ever got past blackheath since my accident, i just dont have the confidence especially on my own , but saying all that every time i ride it gets less scary and i feel a little less nervous each time im on my bike, So just ride as much as you can and see if you can join in a ride out somewhere with the lb,ers it makes you feel much safer when theres a few of you… And im a grandad lol:D

Try and relax, realize you CAN do it, practice leads to experience - it should all flow from there.

What everyone else said. I know it’s a Catch-22 type situation, but more miles really will help.

I passed my test a month ago, and my bike still scares me a little bit every time I get on it, but it does get better each time I go out. I was a wreck the first time! :wink:

Does your partner have a full licence and his own bike? If so, he might be insured third-party on yours. Could he ride your bike out somewhere quiet with nice wide roads with you on the back? Is there any countryside nearby you could go to? Then he could jump off and sit outside a pub for an hour while you go for a bimble… That might help…

Never let anyone put you down!

You are the one doing something new, adventurous and exciting!

As others have said, keep your chin up, take it step by step and you’ll build confidence. Don’t forget, if feel it’s really necessary, booking another training session (with a certified instructor) might be handy just to revise before you take your restricted test.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

I am from South West London which is about 5-10mins from Central Croydon and 20-30mins from Brixton so I do not have many quiet roads and being in Norbury (where I live) you don’t see one suitable driver. So this is why I started riding at my partners near beckenham which is mostly hills and sharp corners lol.

He has got a full licence and his own bike but it was to much for him to put me on his insurance so I’m on my own. At first he use to take me down on my bike to a industrial place after work which is about 6-6.30 but the nearist country side part is probably addington.

I used to live in Selhurst - not far from Norbury, the roads are horrible round there, I can understand why you’re not too thrilled to be riding on them.

Ah. I see your point now - it’s pretty nasty round there.

As Garret said, maybe some more instruction would help?

Think Bike (clicky) are based in Coulsdon, if that’s any help?

Actually, looking at their website, I might give them a whirl for a bit of extra training…

Thank you for the advice but I can’t afford to have lessons or anything as my test is in the mid of September and I just brought winter gear and only brought my bike about a month ago which needed break pads, battery, and the oil all needed changing. So only money left for petrol :frowning:

Yeah that is why I ride in Shirley but my work place is also next to argos in Croydon which doesn’t help. My partner has nearly had so many accidents when he has tried to come round mine because of people using mobiles or just don’t give a sh*t (feel bad asking him to come round sometimes).
I am hoping by mid this week I can ride to Croydon. Going to try ride everyday after work which is going to be mostly night time :frowning: but don’t have many choses.

Raised in Croydon, that’s why I don’t live there anymore.If I were you I would pick a nice gentle route, say down Gravel Hill, along Kent Gate way to West Wickham, back along the Wickham Road and up Upper Shirley Road through Shirley Hills.

Do that route a few times, then reverse it. Go out for an hour at a time and then stop. A week of that will do your confidence the world of good, then vary the route, say through Selsdon and add some miles.

Keep at it, you will get there. And remember gripping the bars harder does NOT give you more control, quite the opposite. Use your legs to grip the bike more and reax your arms, and go at your own pace.

Good luck.

migh seem a bit harsh, but i dont think it matters where you live,roads are roads, if you get out and practice, you should get confident, the more your out.

see with bikes you i see it as if you really want it that bad you will learn! and go for it…

i was ******** bricks first time i got aon a 500 for my DAS, first time out we rode from hackney to woodford, i had to lead us there, we pulled up…instructor got of walkd up to me.and said…well done…if that was your test you would have passed with flyng colours…

you can do it…you just hve to have the self confidence and belief!

i would love to help out, i know some great roads and lts of car parks!

however i from east, i have no idea where you are, only been to south london a few times!:w00t:

could meet in the middle tho if ya like?

I think we are all nervous of some aspects of riding when we start. If you haven’t got 2 experienced riders you can go out with - 1 up front and 1 behind – then go out very early when the roads are quietest. Do the same route loads and loads of times and get your confidence up that way.

It always seems like it’s impossible to do, but relax. The tenser you are, the worse you will ride – I used to go running first, it wakes you up and stops the tension building quite so quickly.

I also found it easier if I talked my way through the ride, in much the same way as the advanced riders have to. Speak every move before you make it and note every possible obstacle/hazard as you see it.

If I hear a rider muttering their way through Croydon, I’ll know it’s you!:smiley: