Who's Up For BM Tonight

See You All About 6-45 ish

Got a dentist appointment at 6… then need to drop the bimmer off at home and pick up the ninja so will be around 8 :smiley:

I’ll be there with yet another newbie who’s not a member at the mo

I’ve been a member since 2008 and still havent been along to the BM meet… although ive especially got no excuse seeming as im work in Hays Galleria!.. (Head Hung in Same and jumping into the Thames).

As im so close to London Bridge station though I dont ride into work, it’s only 15mins on the train for me (take me longer than that to get into my bike gear each morning).

Does anyone else usually go along on foot?!, plus il be in a flippin suit aswell… might wear my biker boots along to try and fit in :smiley:

One bonus is if there are any other 2 leggers rather than wheelers then we could also grab a wednesday night beer :D:D:D:D

Hope that’s more skulking than sulking! :slight_smile: The pillars are where it all happens, so look forward to seeing you there :slight_smile: Hope the bike’s feeling better soon too!

Secret handshake is a smile.
Don’t be shy.

I’m the chinese looking guy, with a blue bandit. :smiley:

I’ll be there briefly, enough to do some weeling and dealing and grab a burger then home :slight_smile:

I’m usually one of the early ones, if I had the storm trooper helmet still I would defo wear it. But yeah look out for the little black Honda CBR 125 and the little blonde to match it lol!

Will see you all aroun 6ish.

I’m the 3 foot hippy on a Harley

yeah stretch is usually there in a suit better turn up with no bike than not at all :wink:

I’m the gangster…if u need anything…will sort u out

I will be there but in disguise, oh and i have some LB stickers for those of you that want to purchase any;)

I’ll be there. :slight_smile:

Oh so ur that bloke :wink: Been wondering for ages who you are :stuck_out_tongue:

Ladies, cover your ‘Va Jay jays’ up,… :cool:

yea, Alex wants 1st dibs :smiley:

are there any car parking spaces down there, i may try and get down there this evening but prob wont be till 8is if i can.

also another shy one trying to find the right time to say hi…

On a train to the wilderness that is Leeds at the moment - The wi-fi here is free for 15 mins only and it’s appauling - and they expect me to pay £5/hr or £10/24hrs for this???

Anyhoo - back to London on Friday probably!

Edit: also just realised I work next door to Sir Yamalot (MLP) :slight_smile: Yes you should hang your head in shame…

i would like to get down but it aint gona happen. ill leave chichester at 6.30 ish in car, and would take about 4 hrs to get to bmm in traffic! :frowning:

theres limited space, you could just park in front of the bikes and block everyone in, i used to do it all the time :smiley: and make sure you run over the toes of alex :smiley: