Who's going to Ace this evening?

Ok guys,

Who’s going to the Ace this evening? I’ll be there from about 6pm, leading on to who knows where afterwards…:wink:

“Roll Call… Sound off like you’ve got a pair”…:smiley:


tis bit wet out…

might be about tomorrow:)

i should come… but not staying until 2am like yesterday :stuck_out_tongue:

Not today mate and come to think about it not tomorrow either, I’m having a bike free weekend :w00t:

Surely not R1cky, MotoGP is on this weekend after all. :wink:

Nope, too grey and miserable out :frowning:

mierzwin I keep finding myself staring at your graphic in your sigline. Where did you get it from and what bike was it that crashed?

I found it somewhere on the net the other day… No idea what bike was it though…
The pic clearly shows how NOT to break :smiley: I keep staring at it aswell :slight_smile:

I’ve got like 5 min to Ace from home so can always back off in case of rain :satisfied:

Rain or not, I’ll still be there in the next hour or so…:smiley:

Dedication to end!:P;)


It looks suspiciously like a Honda to me, but both headlights are on (which I believe isn’t a Jane Fonda trait). Hmmmm…

I was thinking about honda aswell… maybe he head twin light driver or something ?

Rain or not going to Ace in 10 min:)

Looks like a old bl*de, both the h/lights come on with the older model, well the one I got ;):slight_smile:

blade or cbr6, i think its a blade;)

i was thinking that the other day, sort of hypnotic :cool:

I’ll be out on the p*ss

are you gona get


was there this morning :smiley:

:Pi got very w@nkered and still am!!!