Whos At Work Today????

Come on own up! I cant be the ONLY loser who has to work today …i’m sure Ill sell loads of stuff to the loads of people kicking and screaming to get into the shop…

…now where did I put the keys If your foolish enough to pop in today…i’m in the stockroom sleeping on the Dainese suits ( REALLY COMFY!!! )

Nope lazying at home I feel for you though.

been off work for the last month… muhahahahaha

Don’t u just hate him!


Working late today and early turn Monday and Tuesday next week so have Christmas day off but thats about it. At least I’ve got 5 days off over New Year.


Working today til about 1am then 9am til 4pm christmas day… oh I hate my job sometimes.

Another loser here …working today and x’mas day…No life