whos about tonight?

and fancies going out for some drinks?

let me kno!!!

ok, since everybudies boring gits on a saturday night, does anyone have CharlyBR600-RR’s numbeR?

hes usually up for drinking

hiya where u at steve

Sorry im baking cakes tonight !! ha ha…if i get bored later on, i usually head off to southend…im off to boxhill tomorrow …hope this wind dies down tho !!!

too many people out there think too much about it, instead of just doing it, be spontaneous, who else?

best take some imodium blade, just in case the wind gets worse.


ha ha, yeah its quite gusty! ive just fitted my new tomtom rider!!

JohnyBusa is singing tonight with his band on the Isle of Wight

Is that a euphemism, Blade?

Ya nutter jay !!! (of what) ???

i tried that number charlie, didnt work!

hope u had fun at Germany