down the pub tonight. 2x ticket for show of my choice at the Apollo. :):):slight_smile:

So…Lee Mack, Billy Connolly or Stephen Amos? Or I could do the Stranglers?

(Apologies for bragging - but I never win anything :stuck_out_tongue: )

I really like Amos, but Mack is good too! :smiley:
Not so sold on Connelly though :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats by the way :smiley:

Yeah - Amos was well funny on that Live at the Apollo…but I like Lee Mack too! Connolly’s humour is a tad older I guess. The Manc lad (Jason ?) has a gig there too, but not for nearly a year sadly - as he’s well funny.

Still, nice to get some good luck after wasting £85 on a helmet that’s too big for me :slight_smile:

Yeah! I guess thats good karma :smiley:

hes funny

i must say i’m partial to billy connolly, but lee mack would be cool as well