On my way home from droping the wife at work i saw a londonbiker on a bandit i think, lady rider, going to knowlhill…WHO WAS IT???


flick works up that way and has a black nekked SV - could be her?

did she have HUGE handlebar muffs???

ahh yes…thats gotta be flick…lovley…lovley girl…


Lovely girl with a huge muff!

hahahahaha…ang on…how do you know?..OOOOOooo dooo share…

pervy smiled.


i did not get a good look at her muff…yeah sv it was 03 plate…


ah guys! Shucks! You have just made a worried little Flick smile! Bless you all!

Yep, it’s me Paul! Moved up here bout 8 weeks ago to start a new job in sunny MK!

Had a bit of an off last week though (in bloomin London, gggrrrrr) and am quite bruised and Sylvia (the SV with, yes ok, very big mittens, thanks Ness!) was off the road for a week

I’ll write more at lunch time - best get on with some work (damn new job)!

Oh no! Hope your ok!

We have all missed you! Trust you will at least make the crimbo party!

oh boy! What a day!

I’m fine really thank you all. Big fat Sylvia fell on my left leg, so it’s quite purple and I was very funny to watch walk all last week! Matters are all with Rider Support Service now, so I just have to wait and see. Quite a lot of damage to poor Sylvia - scuffed everything, broken/bent radiator, broken gear lever etc

But the wonderful wonderful Timmy came and did emergency repairs on her so that I can ride her - bit tricky trying to get around here up north without any wheels! I do feel a bit anxious I must admit adn I now just beep at anyone who comes within a mile radius of me!

When’s teh Christmas party please? Of course i’ll be there if I can!

Crimbo Party is 20th Of December I beleive. http://londonbikers.com/forums/shwmessage.aspx?ForumID=58&MessageID=137629