Who Went BMF Today!? (was class)

Was Class… a 1hour ride there on the same motorbike i was excited after a 5min ride was Quality!, got there and had a look on the stalls and that, had something 2 eat 2 hear the arena (brilliant shows) so went over and saw there was 5 or 6 60-75 year olds on there bikes so went had another look and went back and got some seats and saw a brilliant show of stunts… wheelies, side wheelies on quads, ramps, ramps over people and cars/ambulances… it was so good… 1 of best days ever 4 me lol was absolutly class + i saw alot of bikes (lovely bikes) then went back to the arena 2 watch the ‘BMF Rally’ or what its called to see about 100 50cc mopeds and bikes racing… brilliant day TY NJS!!!
bad thing was on way back, a couple of cars pulled out infront of us… silly people
anyone who was there please say
if you wasn’t then post anyway
Edited because i used the word class 2 much LOL

Alrite mate, glad you had a ‘class’ day and your interest and excitment in bikes is growing. I wasn’t there unfortunately but would have loved to have made it… If you’ve any pics then post them up?? Sounds like it was a fun venture in the motorsport world!


Glad you enjoyed it beaver, camping next time, maybe with some JD thrown in !!!

if you want to see some pictures, heres a link http://londonbikers.com/forums/shwmessage.aspx?ForumID=43&MessageID=7089