Who was it? Photoshop for MacBook

I’m looking at getting a second hand MacBook off that evil place…

I have it in my head that someone on here said they have photoshop for the mac that I could of had, was a while a go now but thought I’d see

If you don’t manage to find the person and don’t want to pay the new Adobe Tax, it might interest you to know that the free Gnu Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is now a serious contender on the mac. It comes as a proper Mac binary (no more X), and while obviously it takes time to learn if you’re used to the Photoshop way of doing things, what it is capable of is pretty damned impressive…


I’ve not used photoshop, I want it for editing photos that I shoot in raw and for playing about with the design of the bike I am building

Cheers for the info :wink:

“Pinta” is your word. Google it.