Who stocks ladies Held gear now?

I bought my Held jacket from Infinity Hanger lane last year and I love it so much I’d quite like to get some trousers to go with it but Infinity have stopped stocking the Held stuff now! I know get geared do their stuff online and they have a very good ladies range but is there anywhere that stocks them that I can go and try on?

I was gonna say I held a lady last night - but that would be rude and childish so I decided not to.

GetGeared have a shop where uyou can try stuff on - Leatherhead - it’s not too far - KT22 7QE

It’s quite far when you live in Dunstable however I may just so happen to be down that way this weekend so might pop in, ta :slight_smile:

Try Infinity @ Great Portland St. Went there with Mrs last week, all sorted, not bad stock of girl stuff.


If you’re going to Get Geared, Infinity’s warehouse in Camberley had some woman’s Held trousers last week, might be worth a call to see if they got what you are after.


Nice one Gavin for posting that, we have family that live close to that so will pop in when I’m down there next!

http://www.hideout-leather.co.uk/ - Essex

Brought my Held Jacket from JTS in Coalville, probably closer to where you live than Get Geared :wink: