who remembers this one?

remember taking my ‘ghetto blaster’ into my art gcse exam and playing this track to death. reminiscing on a friday afternoon… :cool:


quality here’s the proper video, well a bit of it -


check out his jacket! and the 3 finger rings. old skool :cool:

another one off the album. quality -


brrrrrrring forth the guillotine (follow link, embedding disabled) -


Oh yes remember these ones well !

quality, hard to find for download though!

PM me :slight_smile:

been after their album on mp3 for ages. itunes store searched in last night and it’s on there. if you wanna pay for it that is :wink: mark i’ve dropped a pm your way too :smiley:

I see them live when I was a nippa, at a under 18 disco in romford:w00t:. You can download there songs from limewire;)

How about this one, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Rw3cgQ65zs

or this


or this


Wicked tune!

Was anyone here into Senser?

Yes me:), see them live at reading, " gota make a switch make a switch yo!"


Ah found them:D,http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZD2mI6-pzlk&feature=related

This is where I see them, reading 1994, I’m right up the front, can you see me:D One of the best weekends of my life, I think!! can’t remember much:D Only had sleep on the last night. things you do when your young;)


Nice one. I think I was there somewhere. My one and only stage dive was to Senser at the Marquee a few years back. Jason (roadie) wasn’t quick enough :wink:

Can’t bloody believe it! All this made me look them up and I found out that we just missed the only London gig of their recent tour!
It was last Saturday night!

:frowning: (well bovverd tho!)

Great festival that was, great line up. Chilli peppers, senser, rollins band, therapy,cypress hill. oh great days:D. The mosh pits were mental:w00t:. Just been looking through the vids on youtube, brought back some good memorys:) I remember there was about 10 of us sitting round the camp fire and this one bloke tried to mug the lot of us, saying he was security and because we had things we shouldn’t have he was gonna cut our wrist bands off unless we all gave him a tenner:D:w00t:. Don’t think he tried that again that night:w00t:

Classic tunes.

keep it coming with the bad bwoy sounds :smiley: 808 state. YES!

how about this one? :wink:









ok ok ok… i’ve been keeping this one up me sleeve - some ruff stuff at :cool: (don’t ask me what he’s sayin :w00t:) 4:35


Jesus yeah I remember that ! :cool::cool:
I feel another few hours of time wasted on youtube coming up soon …