Who pays the extra?

Just wondering what people generally put in their bikes fuel wise? Do people pay the extra to put 97 RON in their tanks or put normally/crappy 95 RON in.

I happened to put Morrison’s 95 RON in my bike the other day as I was seriously low and there is a petrol station at the bottom of my street, and I noticed the bike didn’t run as sweet as when on Shell’s V-Max or Esso 97 RON.

me cos BP can’t survive on just 6.75 billion alone… UTTER S0DDING SCUM!

If I’m near one and I need fuel, I use Tesco’s premium bio and the bike runs sweeter after a few miles. If I’m up for a run out, I’ll always use the stuff from choice.

At other stations, I stick the basic stuff in as the premiums from them don’t seem to make any difference. (Except to the bill.)

I’m told, Tesc’s premium bio is the fuel of choice for the lower formula car racers but it has to be fresh that day.

Could be another urban myth though.

on special occassions i treat my bike to the expensive stuff,never really noticed any difference though!

But I’m only playing with 50 Italian b.h.p. (So that will be something over 40 then) so every little helps.

I use 97 RON in mine…seems to go better when pinning the throttle and aiming for the red zone. :smiley:

cheap n cheerful in mine cos im a tightwad !! :slight_smile:

still goes like mad though and its never been near redline cos im a wuss :smiley:

My Tiller seems to pop and bang less on overrun with 97 doo-ron-ron:cool:

After lots of tanks of fuel I have discovered that I get about 10% better mileage from V-Power and Ultimate in my car. So as long as it is less than 10% more expensive than regular unleaded it makes sense to use it. In my bike I only use V-Power and Ultimate, because it is my bike!

Luxury soup for me. If you have carbs you need the quality stuff else the idle jets clog up with some sort of mucus. I have to put STP in as well, so it gets really expensive. “Modern petrol is rubbish” © L. Webb.

Mine does the opposite to chunky’s, it pops and bangs on the 97 ron so I stick to the cheap stuff.

Have had to buy the dear stuff a couple of times when normal UL was unavailable - and it made no difference to either performance or economy.

As for normal stuff getting cack in the carbs… eh ? never seen that, and I’ve had an awful lot of carbs apart.Only time I’ve ever seen crap in the carbs from the fuel is when the bike has been standing for a long time (like the 1977 cg125 I’ve just rescued - the throttle slide was varnished to the carb body.And the fuel tank is still full of leaded petrol)

I thought your type of machine ran better on Persil Liqui-Tabs:P:D

If you use 97 RON fuel in an engine designed for 95 RON you’re effectively retarding the ignition timing very slightly because 97 doesn’t burn quite as easily as 95, so maybe that’s why 97 feels slightly smoother. The power loss is very small, marginal. There are also more detergents in the fancy fuels like V Power from Shell, if you believe what Shell say, maybe Andy’s trike proves this is true ?

Sorry, dont know what those are - must be one of those pink jobs you speak about :wink:

It does make a difference to my bikes and car, I don’t put the dearer stuff in every time but probably every other fill up … the best fuel to treat your bikes to is that from Silverstone :wink:

97 just makes my bike run hotter! … so, I run 95.

Use it in the car and get better economy never used it in the bike will have to give it a try.