Who has been to Estoril GP?

Hi all

I’m heading to the Estoril GP in April, and was wondering if the lovely LBers could help me.

I’ve never been to a GP before, so I really don’t know what to expect.

Any advice - what to take, where to stalk the riders (De Puniet in particular…), what to expect with the weather and the locals; it would all be appreciated.


D :smiley:

Hi Daise

doesnt look like you had any luck tracking someone down who has been…

i havent either, but i did go to barcelona in '06, it was very hot so i would recommend taking lots of high factor sun cream and caps

the locals brought their own food & water, recommended as the prices/queues for food can be bad

you’ll have a great time if its anything like catalunya :smiley:

you will be tempted to take loads of pics and video, but make sure you take some time out in the middle of the race to not watch them pass through a view finder :wink:

have fun, i’m going to donnington this year, but next year will be mugello me thinks