who fits exhausts


I am just about to buy a Scorpian twin exhaust for my VFR to help with ROAR effect.

However being the ultimate mr NON Technical, I am looking for someone reliable who KNOWS what they are doing to change it FOR ME!!

I am in slough and so anyone close would be good


It should be a piece of P just do it you will only brake it once.

I would I am a mechanic but no where near Slough and have never do one on that bike butr should be easy

Les will sort you out, give him a call, he is based in twickenham:

07772 515 250 http://www.ljmotorcyclerepairs.co.uk/

Mate, what VFR is it ?

Is it just the cans, or a full system - full systems are bastards to fit on those V4 motors.

I’m in Slough, and am available-ish the next three evenings.Then I’m off to bonny Scotland :slight_smile:

Gurninman is right, the pipes are a b*stard on the VFR, half the bike has to be stripped off. The cans are relatively easy to fit though.

3 days - nah not this time round anyway - I have just sold on ebay a 1piece set of Spada and a 2 piece Dainese to be able to afford the exhaust - going to buy from PDQ in Maidenhead but take 2 weeks till delivery
The Bike is a VR800VTEC 04plate Twin underseat cans

strangely enough all mechanics say that sort of thing - I am ok with beer barrel couplings and making layered cocktails but greasy oilyy hands and shearing off bolts i’d rather leave that to the lads who do it best!!

Join us on the VFR forum http://www.bikersoracle.com/vfr/forum/ , there’s a thread on there somewhere about exactly that. It’s something I’m going to have to do as well on my 99 VFR pretty soon, thanks to Mr Honda’s assumption that mild steel was a suitable material for downpipes and collectors used through English winters! :pinch:

Well… I’ll be back from Jockland next tues - If you want me to pop the cans on for you, give me a shout :slight_smile: