Who can polish my wheels?

Man, that had to be worded carefully…

I know there are some guys on here that do polishing, I want the rims on my wheels (not the entire wheel, just rims) polished. IF you can do this and live south of the water please PM me. OR if you can reccomend anyone this side of town please post it.:wink: Thanks very much!

speak to mike m9performance on here i know he does it

Oi he lives on the Propa side and leave him alone for a bit cause I’m still waiting for my frame ;):slight_smile:

Ya frame is now nearly all clean ya can have it back Sat 15th all blinged up mate :smiley:

Where I come from we call that ‘foriegn’! :smiley:

Mike is your man ! these are my ZX9 rimz shineeee ! :smiley:

Did my ZZR wheels too!

Funny you should say that cause Mikes got my wheels now, i needed them sprayed as well so he definatley the man.:cool: Hold on… is that candy blue by any chance?

Mines same colour…done by the man himself…hard work to keep polished though !! but hey…i love em

Are the polished bits laquered?

Nope, better buying a box of autosol than relaquering -just chips and gets water underneath - looks crap!

Mind you its a pain in the butt trying to keep them clean!

Have been told off by Mike about the state of them recently!! :ermm:

You can get clear powdercoat for polished bits now:)

Sounds practical :cool:

There are quite a few rimming experts on this site it seems :smiley:

I found this, looks intresting.

Ano-colour is a product that is designed to go over polished aluminum to give the effect of anodizing. This product has been developed over a number of years to give the desired effect. The product is also heat resistant so that it can be used on exhausts.


Mmm I’m liking that can can:D

crikey and you lot were moaning about cleaning a Honda Rune…your all stark shining mad…

:D:D Oh am I happy! Big up Mike at M9Performance!! He even gave me a London Biker discount and put them in the car for me! Top man! Pics DO NOT do them justice at all!

they look nice m8, m9 was of no use to me, i only wanted rims polishing. only does painting and polishing.