Who can bore out an engine?

Does anyone know any engineering firms within the M25 that can bore out a motorcycle engine?


wishi i could help but i aint bored enough! :hehe: :Whistling:

Try Bensham Engineering in Croydon 020 8684 4126 or Sutton Rebore on 020 8642 5685


Can only recommend this guy as far as servicing goes, but he’s also in Sutton:



Other side of London but they have been doing it since 1936…

Used them for stud removal and helicoil about 10years ago cheap fast reliable

I can bore the hind legs off a donkey but that’s about it I’m afraid…

Nice one


He’s just outside the M25 (prolly not far from that 127 Diner?)


S’okay, I found a cheap big bore kit so gonna try and fit that :smiley:

Have you sorted the rebore yet? If not Tipler Engineering in the Old Kent Rd should be able to help 020 7639 8761

Kaos? :smiley: