Which tyres to get for L4 GSX-R750?


I feel bad for creating yet another tyre thread but I couldn’t find any that are relevant to me.

The time has come for me to finally get new tyres for my 2014 GSX-R750 and I wanted to know what are people’s experiences and suggestions about brands and models available now.

As some of you probably remember, I crashed my bike at a wheelie school and it’s currently with a mechanic. He’s actually more like a race engineer and knows gixxers inside out as he’s had 4 or 5 of them himself and his recommendation is Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP V2. He even suggests going with 180/60 (my bike comes with 180/55 by default) as it’s grippier and has a bigger contact patch. My first reaction when I first saw them was that they wouldn’t be any good in rain seeing how few grooves they have but maybe it’s a wise choise knowing that I’m not commuting on it anymore and only ride in dry weather?

What have you got to say about these Pirelli’s? I know there are plenty of knowledgable and experienced people so any input is appreciated!


Bridgestone S21 great on my gsxr1000 l3


I had Bridgestone S20 on my MT-09 and quite liked them. Thanks for the suggestion!


I’ve got Metzeler Roadtec 01on my Speed Triple, really like them and great in the rain.
I might go for the 7RR next time which is meant to be more sticky in the dry without too much wet weather grip loss.
Can’t say I’ve had the Roadtec spin up without me making them :grin:


Someone did that width change on the rear tyre of my GSXR750 k9 and I’m not a fan of the cornering turn-in as a result. I’m going back to manufacturer recommended 180/55 when I change these Michelin PR4’s for PR5’s, which will be my next tyre. If you’re only doing dry riding I would go for those Pirelli Diablo.


i like Roadtec 01s but i found they squared off to quickly
im now used Road 5’s which offer a similar performance to the Roadtec’s but don’t seem to have squared off so quick
but not forgetting the GSXR is a sports bike & i have heard good things about the M5’s


Round ones, preferably black.
One believes that those tires you feel safe and comfortable on are the best. So for some will be Dunlop for some Pirelli. Ask yourself where and when you going to use your bike most? If answer is “B roads in the Summer” then Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP, if it is “commuting every day including months of winter” I would personally go for PR3-4-5 but not everyone like their profile. IMHO the best road tires on wet conditions.

So yea… asking someone else what he likes is a bit hit and miss :wink: to not to say pointless.



I too would go for the S20 or S21 (Evos). The rear didn’t last long 3,500 miles including trackday so after two rear tyres and a front went for T30 Evo. They’re also good but miss the someone’s put glue on the road feel


I would suggest dunlop sportsmart 2 max, metzeler m7rr, bridgestone s21 or pirelli diablo rosso 3. They have tons of grip on the street and will handle occasional trackday. All of them warm up fast and can handle rainy days no problem. I myself keep drifting between sportsmart 2max and m7rr. Both are great.
U cant go wrong with any mentioned above.

Oh and obviously you can always go for more aggressive tyres such as corsa SP V2, dunlop sportsmart TT, Metzeler racetec RR k3 but imho they are overkill for the street plus longevity is not there.

In regards going to 180/60 u’ll be changing your bikes geometry. Rear of the bike will be higher(tyres circumference will be bigger) than stock, also this will result of more weight on the front. It will make bike pointier at the entry to the corner (will steer faster). Also might be twitchy on hard breaking, rear end might be prone to the lift. All above mentioned is relevant if no other changes will be made to the bike I.E lowering forks or any other suspension adjustments.


I’ve got PR4s on and they are brilliant but I will be moving to Roadtec 01s next. Think they are more suitable since I no longer commute.


I love pirelli super corsa feels like your cornering on rails when on the racetrack,no doubt them and all other tires mentioned have the best grip available they are not going to last long and are crap in the rain ,if you don’t mind them downsides go for it,otherwise you could check out something like pirelli diablo Rossi lll!still sporty and grippy but little longer lasting.