Which tires it will last longer for commuting on motorway every day?

I have to commute a daily basis about 60 miles on a motorway and would like to know which tires are the best option in terms of cost and quality

I have used Michelin PR3 and PR4’s I do 150 mile round trip on A roads and motorways, I got 15,000 with the PR3 and 10,000 with the PR4, they did square off a lot and I did run them down to the wear markers.

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Hard tyres last longer, soft ones disappear quicker. It’s really hard to compare tyres like this because different bikes and different riding styles wear them differently. Everyone can probably tell you the tyre they got the best life with when they were doing a lot of motorway commuting but you’ll probably not come to any sort of consensus.

I’d go for something more touring and less sporty to get longer life, but you’ll get poorer performance that way. I used to use BT-023s for my lots-of-motorway riding on the Pan, but I didn’t really compare them to anything else.

I think Avon do the road runner which is really hard compound and cheap

What you gain in longevity from a hard tire, you lose in performance especially in the wet. BT023’s seemed to be a reasonable compromise, for a reasonable price. Not everyone likes them, but I was getting well over 10,000 miles on the A12 out of a pair. Consider them tested.

I had BT023 fitted on mine, I did not like them a single bit on the wet, although they lasted quite a lot. I suppose if you are not going to push the bike too much, they could do the job

Yes, they can be a little “twitchy”.

I’ve got Pirelli Angel ST rear and BT023 front tyre. Both are wearing well. Any sports touring tyre will do the job nicely if you want decent grip in all weathers.

I had BT 23’s I got nearly 18k out of a set
the only thing I didn’t like was the wet weather performance on the same bike I used PR3’s and they worked a treat in both dry & wet weather
o0n my latest stead I have PR4s I don’t like them one bit & will probably go back to PR3’s

I hear good things about the pirelli angel GTs on bigger bikes. Any views on them?

When I was doing 450 miles a week at my previous job location, I was getting over 10,000 out of pairs of Michelin PR3s which is the best I ever had from a set of tyres. The 4s I currently have don’t seem to be doing quite as well.