Which Supermarket...

No idea.

I will ask the wife seeing as its her job:w00t:

Tesco’s as 2 mins away

i try to avoid supermarkets and shop in local shops where i can.
cheaper better food, nicer people (generally) and less corporate money-making machines!

Whole Foods is good, big choice, good healthy food!!


Waitrose …High snob factor…rip off prices.(Posh nosh)

M & S …Good for the odd treat…rip off prices.

Tesco…Supermarket for all people, rich or poor it caters for all.

(Tesco the third biggest retailer in the world, honestly).

Sainsbury…Lost the plot in the 80’s, dirty stores always empty shelves.

Asda…Asda, bit cheap on image, poor product quality, but cheap prices.

Morrisons…Get back up north, fancy tv adds with highly paid tv stars, they will be found out one day, overall not bad.

LIdl, Aldi and netto…Pikey, once been, never return.

My vote goes to Tesco, why? because I work for them.

Today the world tomorrow the universe.

Every little helps

Knowing that you live in aylesbury puppy has reminded me that i got banned from one of your local tescos and apparently therefore all of em, for ever !:slight_smile:
So i now make a point of shopping in tescos tho i wish i had the time to go round all the independent shops and buy my meat in a proper butchers .

Incidentally my crime was jumping a queue of about 20 people with overflowing baskets at the cigi till to put £3 on the counter for a £2.50 sandwich as i was running late . When the 2 store gestapo chased me accross the car park because i didnt get the sarnie scanned i ate it in front of them then refused to move and demanded they call the police to deal with this awfull crime :)…no they didnt,which was a shame cos my girlfriend at the time was working in the police control room and i was on my way to pick her up from shift so my excuse for being late would have bin a good en :smiley:

Where I live there are no independent grocers, fishmongers, butchers (nearest on is 15 miles away), last fishmonger went bust 2 years ago and got replaced by some poncey little homewear shop (which went bust a year later when no one would pay over the odds for 80’s style crap - was rubbish then, just as rubbish now). And the local market which comes around i only there twice a week and has one fruit/veg stall and sometimes a butcher - 6 stalls max.

Once a month the farmer’s market comes around and a few times a year various french/italian markets turn up, but never sure when they are so pot luck if they’re on when we go into town.

Welcome to commuterville…