Which Supermarket...


i will buy my petrol at any of them depends which one the bike or cars makes its to. as for fags and a can of coke the nearest corner shop. :slight_smile:

I shop at Tesco.

MORRISONS all the way! best cos its YORKSHIRE lol and blade will tell ya we have a sooperdooper massive morrisons where i live and it has the best fresh salad/pasta bar ever!:stuck_out_tongue:

But for sheer indulgance/romantic meals if yer to lazy to cook from scratch meals at home it has to be m&s for food mmmmmmmmmmmmmm:D

always keep it local…Morrisons all the way, home town firm !!!

fookin northaners…:P…

devon lad smiled:D.

I always shop in Asda, and my other half in Morrisons. My shopping bill for the same ideas is always less!:slight_smile:

Online shop with Asda (have ASDA CC so free delivery and petrol is 2p off a litre) - milk, juice and bread each week from Morrisons as it is on my way home. Works out cheapest doing the online shop as we get what we need, not what we suddenly “want”. Also saves us the hassle of going out and traipsing around shops for hours with the children.

Meat is bought from the local butcher. Tastes so much nicer.

Supermarkets are shite, selling overpriced poor quality food. Under-ripe fruit and vegetables that taste of nothing and have all the nutrients of a carpet tile, meat pumped full of water to bulk it up and injected with dye to make it look ‘fresh’, ready meals that cost 3 times the ingredients if you cooked yourself.

Go to a butcher and try a decent piece of meat for a change, you will be mightily surprised at how good it tastes and how little volume it looses after cooking, ditto for a green-grocer where the fruit & veg have not been kept in cold storage for 2 months before putting on the shelves, and choosen for taste rather than the fact it all looks pretty and uniform.

The quality of the food pushed in this country is terrible, making a mockery of the multitude of celebrity cook-your-tits-off programmes on the box.

Rant over. Normality is resumed.

Tesco online and drop in most days for milk and juice but only because it’s the easiest. Only 2 minutes down the road.

Morrisons mainly but since i joined Pru health through work i also go to sainsburys for the points :smiley:




waitrose do amazing mince beef for burgers and some lovely gaucamole:D


Greengrocers??? Whats that? :w00t:They’ve all been shut down by Tesco round here:doze:

Asda for me but only because it’s close by. I love Waitrose’s own products and occasionally shop there. However, I do object to paying extra for things mainstream products at Waitrose when it’s far cheaper at Asda for the same thing! Perhaps I am a chav :stuck_out_tongue:

morrisons for fruit and veg, and the bad ass meat pies they do yum yum :):):slight_smile:

Sainsburys for me.

I work for them and get at least a 10% discount on my shopping:D

For the stuff we buy Asda always works out noticeably cheaper than Tescos or Sainsburys.

For me its whatever is closest to where I live.

So Waitrose first, Sainsburys and then M&S. Theres also a grocer down the road, as well as a couple of bakers. No butcher though. They closed not long after I moved to the area.

A mate of mine gets up at the crack of dawn to go to the markets. Great quality food and very cheap compared to the supermarkets.