Which road bike has the best power-to-weight ratio?

I know, right? :smiley:


I’ll have it. How much?

I thought that EBR 1190 RX had it beat on power to weight ?

exceeds 200 hp
kerb weight: 390 lb
ratio = 0,51

That yellow thingy has a ratio of 0,44.
And it’s ugly.


Looks much better than BMW HP4’s 193hp and 169kg dry. Question is - how manageable it is. Probably will try to kill you with every breath u take :smiley:

Apparently the handling is superb as one of the Ducati test riders has done a record lap (for road legal sportbikes) at Mugello.
Anyway I love the more aerodinamic shape of the front… look wise, is very close to perfection for me!

The question is… if the Panigale R is ridicolously expensive already, how much will this cost?

£650’000 ???

nah, I want this one.



hehehe that’s just nosense.
I like it too :slight_smile:

the one with the lightest rider :smiley:

the superleggera is apparently £ 54k but according to comments its just a panigale with a loads of carbon fibre. nothing different with the mechanics.

oh, and i would absolutely have it too. :smiley:

yeah the engine is the same but the front has been modified… it’s more aerodynamic… and also there’s not only carbon but tungsten, titanium, alluminium bla bla bla… give it to McGuyver and he’ll make a nuclear reactor!

Give it to McGuyver these days and he would probably eat the thing, his power to weight ratio has run wide :laugh:

I thought that was more of a Chuck Norris thing :smiley:

And for that reason I will never get to ride the bike with the best power to weight ratio… :unsure:

When the 2004 model R1 was released, it was billed as the first production motorcycle to have a power-to-weight ratio of greater than 1:1. It weighed 172k dry, and had 182 horse power. My one was blue, right Alba?

I’m not aware of that figure being bettered subsequently, until now :ermm:

why do you think i stick with 2003/2004 models? :smiley:

best bike ever built.

although, i have to say when i saw Redrat’s new jewel in the flesh, i was stunned on how beautiful it looks. the details and everything else, just awesome.

IIRC, there was a factory down the road from ducati who used a 1098 motor and the bike was so light it didn’t meet the motogp weight requirements.

Top speed 175 mph 1/4-mile acceleration 10.4 secs Max power 165 bhp Max torque 78 ft-lb Weight 173 kg

Ducati Desmo

Top speed 190 mph 1/4-mile acceleration 10.09 secs Max power 200 bhp Max torque 85 ft-lb Weight 171 kg

How about with a supercharger :w00t:

Bimota DB11 VLX, which uses the same engine found in the Ducati Diavel: the 1098cc, Testastretta 11° - good for around 155hp.
Except on this bike it doesn’t put out that much horsepower – it puts out much, much more. 191 to be exact.
Power jumps to 191 hp at 9,750 rpm, torque rises to 105 lb/ft at 7,750 rpm.
All that power and the DB11 weighs in at 179kg (no sure if that’s wet or not).


erhm :angry:


Whatever :stuck_out_tongue: