which radio station do you listen to then

im bbc6 radio most of the time at home apart from 10-1pm sat morning then it’s radio 2 jonathan ross.

in the car xfm

at work if i can get to the stereo first its xfm if i dont its kiss fm,so i try to get in first before i want to kill someone by the end of the day.

All sorts but when I’m out of the house the dog likes Magic!!!


At work Virgin, as otherwise we can’t agree on the music we like.

to wake up in the morning I am tuned in to some turkish sounding radio station. It’s the only thing that’ll wake me.

I love Radio 1 all day up til 7.30pm after that its kiss 100. I love Magic FM when I am in the bath in the evenings. However I have found a really good D&B station on 102.4.

Radio 1…how loyal am i

Heart or Virgin in the car.




XFM,right from the early days when they didnt play the commercial stuff they do now,…ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES.

smoooth FM - I am also old!

Kiss 100 - only ever listen in the car tbh


Virgin in the morning for Chistian O Connell then ten sharpish when he has finished back to the mighty Xfm

XFM or Kiss100… or if im in a soppy mood then gotta be Heart or Magic


do you drive a mini cab or summat??

Ermmmm… you recommended it Flat’s… or dont you remember that night?

i only asked you turn it up as you was being too noisy

was it a "magic"al night?

For me it’s Chris Moyles on my phone in the morning (as anyother station has poo reception) and kiss, heart, virgin and magic any other time.

Will have to listen to this XFM… a lot of listeners.

Occasionally Scot Mills on commute home, flirt divert, bloody genius!

Dont think it was… i dont remember too much about it

as another oldie its heart b 4 midnight then radio 2 the rest of the time