Which ONE ????

Well, which one for my next baby??? They are ALL calling me !!! I think, its gotta be…the…BLADE !!! Look at that colour scheme !! Think i gotta have it…now…wonder if its in blue instead of the red? But then reds good …yeh, i can do red !!! Here comes new red crash helmet gloves and leathers !!! doh !


blade 07.jpg



The blade blade! It’s lovely! Especially in the black but the white is nice too!

I like the kwak - but I’m not sure if the extras come with it…


Go gixxer if you wanna be a badass.

Go R1 if you wanna get chicks.

Go Honda if you wanna be gay.

Go Kawi if you wanna be the only kid on the block that has one.

Go Ducati or Triumph if you wanna be Euro-trash.

Go BMW if you wanna be a schmuck.

Go Harley if you wanna be a stupid American.

Go Buell if you wanna be more stupid than a Harley owner.

The new colour scheme for the 07 Blade - the bottom pic - is simply awesome IMHO. By some long distance the best looking bike there I reckoned. I’m putting the 675 in second place behind it

I’ll just have the extras


there ain’t no competition the blade wins hands down

You know red is best HAHA

if you want a bike for everything then it has to be the fartblood sorry fireblade

My vote goes to this

Yeh BLADE is the best…that is really doing it for me …again !!! Past 4 years now, ive had the Blade and its not let me down…(but ive let IT down!! )…Change the screen, change the indicators, and looking at it…thats about all i would change at the mo…gotta find out from the dealers how much, and when they can get it and i think i want the red !!! but Damn, it…gotta change all me leathers suits AGAIN…my VFR was blue, so blue leathers etc…last bike i had was red white n blu so changed to red n white leathers etc…changed again back to the current blue one again changed leathers etc to blue…and now ive seen THIS one…ive gotta go back to red again !!! But you know what…i might just stay with the blue,white leathers etc…im fed up with change the bike, change the leathers syndrome and i cant stick to black to go with any bike bit either !!..nah time for a revolution…stick with your leathers no matter what colour bike you ride…Hmmmm…although ???

Looking at the Blade gives me the same feeling inside i had when i saw my DREAM bike the MV Augusta !!! ( oh what a bike!!)…but …as i said, this one is giving me the same feeling !!! Sad aint i, to feel i could sg my bike !!! (well not literally, but it feels THAT good, if someone said u get the bike or to sg Toseland…id take the bike…(actually? id take the bike if it was anyone !! hee hee)…

Get an MV 2nd hand!!!

See? Now youve thrown a spanner in the works…im thinking MV again now !!! Trust u nutty!!

i really like the new r1, damn sexy!!!

Front?..err, i dont think i would WANT to pull the birds anyway ???

Pull the birds?


maybe you should have kept the old leathers, it would have saved you from buting new ones


That’s chicks to you

What about this one !!!



Don’t you guys have the ride for a ride policy in England?

I can’t say I liked the gixxer, r1 or blade. Nothing really saying ‘WOW’ to me. Very dissapointed with Suzuki. Still, the gixxer has funky electronics which could be a laugh. I prefered the KTM supermoto in silver, though if I was to get another sports bike, it would be the Triumph 675 without a doubt. Incredible bike.