which one gets your vote...the fastest cars on the road today..

okay thinking about these cars…and what we all know, these are some of the fastest most agile sports cars you can buy…non are cheap all in the 25-30k bracket but all equally matched in many respects…

What gets your vote…

And yes I know its a bikers forum

And yes there are other cars that I could include

And yes the colour doesnt matter…

You haven’t included the “I hate anything with more than 2 wheels so I will abstain” option:)

Ariel Atom is one serious car. Motorcycle acceleration and fantastic handling. I’d still prefer a bike for London though, but this could be a contender for weekend fun!

Have to agree with you on the atom:D

Still prefer two wheels only!!!:w00t::P:w00t::stuck_out_tongue:

The first is down right UGLY!

The second sounds like a washing powder and burnt its test driver! (Even on Top Gear it went wrong)

It’s GOTTA be the Lotus 7 - a timeless classic!

Definitely the Atom, its a bad motherfu©ker!:smiley:

Oh and if you get one, take me for a spin?:smiley:

And faster than the Atom if you get the right one ;):smiley:

Mine will be for sale 2strokes if you’re interested in a couple of months time.

Caterham Seven for me:cool:

Never been a fan of the lotus, I know its a classic and so on…

Atom gets my vote, 500bhp, weighing at 500kgs! gotta be one awesome ride :w00t:

and yes please 2stroke, if you get one, I’d love to be on the list for a ride!

Personally, I love the Lotus 7 copies - this is me enjoying a track day last year. Next track day for me is this Saturday, only now it has a bigger engine, new CPU, new exhaust, no screen, carbon fibre seats, new wheels, etc. etc.I’d love to claim it as my own, but it’s my step-dad’s hard work and hard earned cash!

AC Cobra, but thats slightly different:D

hmm not a one of you have gone for the KTM…am really suprised by that…I am in three minds…i have always loved the ride of the 7 but not the kit car level of build, the Atom is well good, but you need ear plugs, a helmet and wollen muff to drown out the induction noise…worse than my h1 ith its spannies on…

I really like the KTm and it is whipping everyones butt out there already…it is one fast very very capable machine…

I would have thought the Atom would be the fastest today.

fastest 4 wheel thing on the road is a white mercedes sprinter van… no matter how fast you are going there is always one of those f***ers up your backside!

Fiat 600 Gordinno on the channel tunnel link?

Interesting that all three of the cars offered is that they are all a “four wheeled motorcycle”.

Not my words. Colin Chapman describing the Lotus 7. (I think. Might have been the 6.)

To my mind, the connections pretty obvious.


(Oh. And I’ll take the Atom, please, though a road useable 7 would be o.k.)